God’s not dead, must see for believers and none

God’s not dead 2014

I’m talking about this movie -> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2528814/. The title says it all and it’s what this movie is all about. The message is really simple, it makes us realize that God is there, that our God is real and that we should all be living for God and that everything here on earth is temporary. God should be our ultimate Goal, not wealth, not health and physique, not fame, not earthly happiness but a real relationship with God. Don’t get me wrong though, i do not mean that making money is bad, nor is working hard for your health to be better but if you let these things your purpose for living then you’re making a huge mistake. Some might argue that they want to be wealthy so that they can take care of there children’s future and that is correct, no arguments but in gaining this wealth are we sidetracking our relationship with God? You can have all the money and I guarantee you that without God’s blessing and grace your children’s future are not secured. How many rich kids life ended up in a complete mess? Talk about excessive partying, doing drugs and just living carelessly and happy-go-lucky. Now with all those money, yes you’re child seems happy living life to the fullest but are you really happy about it?

Some also will say that they have all their life planned out and often forgetting that God is really the master planner, the chief architect. They will take care of their health like crazy so they can live long and guide their children’s path. Ideally this is a perfect scenario but how can you be sure that even on your presence your children will take the straight path? My friends without God, you can never be sure what will happen. I say put your trust and complete faith in God and no matter what happens to you, your prayers will be answered and you will be rest assured that with God’s grace and mercy he will not let your children be astray and instead have a life according to God’s plan.

Ok so i might be sounding like giving you a sermon which really i am not in the position to do but I am just sharing with you what the holy spirit has instilled unto me. That little voice inside my brain putting this ideas in my head, this can’t come from nowhere, this can’t surely be a product of my intelligence and the accumulation of knowledge i acquired because they say the smarter you become the lesser the tendency you will believe in a God. That’s not the case with me, although i am not a Genius but God gifted me the ability to think and discern that if a certain task is too tough for me then it’s time that I lay it all to him and surrender everything to him. I always say to myself that without him, literally I am nothing. Brothers and Sisters, let me tell share a little secret, when i was just starting in my Job, i was really inexperienced although I know the basics and i was more of a thinker. My inexperience did not stop me from finishing tons of projects that other people would say improbable. My close friends I think will attest to that, I as a single individual made it to some top 10 rankings of a top freelancing websites in the world. How did i do that with my relative inexperience? The secret? i prayed hard and prayed more and prayed some more especially when the job that is required of me seems really impossible for me to do because of my lack of experience and maybe it’s beyond my intellectual capacity. Brothers and Sisters, God helped me in those times. Never did he let me fail. I put my complete trust in him. Yes I did my part, I did the hard work too, but I honestly believe without him those are not possible. Try this little experiment with yourselves, take a job that’s like really hard to do and let’s say is beyond you, in short a job your not yet capable of doing. Then pray to God and let the miracle unfold. You will of course need to do the hard work but deep inside you will know that the once deemed impossible of a task is now a lot easier!

Brothers and Sisters put your faith in God and never lose hope but always think that his plans are above and beyond ours. We might not know why we are experiencing certain things but God has a reason and has a purpose. A reason our mortal minds can’t understand yet but in due time everything will be revealed. Our sufferings here on earth are just temporary, all these pains and sadness and fears and what not will be left behind here on earth and will never make way in the heavens that God promised.

Friends, chances are you are born into this world knowing God or who Jesus is but knowing is not enough. God needs us to do things to his bidding. What we need to do is establised a relationship with God and surrender everything to him. Let God make miracles into your life and in return share this miracles to everyone. Tell the world how wonderful and powerful our God is. Although do not flaunt it, and never disrespect anyone just because they believe in something else, they need your understanding, do not force the issue with them. Let them witness what God is doing in your life and share to them the blessings you are receiving. In time and if God wills it they too will dwell in God’s embrace.

A lot of times i prayed and a lot of times God has answered. These are enough proofs for me that God is not dead.

…well ok back to the movie, err this should be a movie review blog but i took advantage of you being here to share with you about my faith while i am not asking you to do the same but keep this somewhere in your mind and it will come in handy sometime. and Oh regarding the movie i won’t have any spoilers for you, but please do watch it, i rate it a 10/10 i was actually more into it than me watching the fault of our stars or captain America. if you have anything to say to me and ask of me regarding my faith please do i’m interested in hearing from you, feel free to comment, and you can comment anonymously if you want to and i will still answer.

Thanks for reading and God bless us all. We might differ in religion by name and we might call God by a different name but If you can feel it inside you that what your doing is right and your relationship with God is real then that’s already perfect.

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