By the looks of it, you seem to think that im writing another movie review. Err! This movies’ best days are now gone. So why the hell will I write something about it. Well maybe since it was memorable since my friends Airon, Domar was watching this film with me at Gaisano Mall. But nah! This post is not about that. I bet you can’t predict whats with the title and the poster unless it will be revealed to you in the succeeding paragraphs. But anyways, its not interesting at all. You might just be disappointed knowing what is this post about. I suggest you close this tab and navigate to your daily porn site routine. Im just kidding man! you know me.

OK. so after that long introduction which if we will sum it up the idea leads to nothing. in short, what a senseless intro have i written. damn!

Anyways, the keys where already pressed so lets just put it that way. And i can’t afford to erase em ya know. Those words came out spontaneously. What can i do.

ok, ok. stop mumbling. i hear ya.

So whats this post about?

oh wait. im quite shy. gather! ok here it is.

Actually there is nothing special about this post, Its just that I felt I reached another milestone which is worthy for a spot here in my very (take note of the VERY) humble blog. The milestone im talking about is about my programming career. Yes its doing great. I’ve spitted out a lot of codes from my brain lately. And im glad they worked like wonders for my client.

So, I guess by now you have an idea why is it titled “300″. It just simply signifies that i’ve had my 300th review, which means i had completed my 300th scriptlance listed project. Yes, yes. Its no big deal for you my friend. I know you dont even care. But for a guy like me who is very passionate about this computer coding thing popularly known as programming this means a whole lot. Yes, im a computer nerd. geek and stuffs like that. Yes i am boring. Yes i only know how to write codes. LOL. anyways so much for that, i don’t want to become “YES MAN” yet, atleast not now.


Then he who deserve thanks should be thanked.

First and foremost. The most important. I want to thank the Good Lord for giving me blessings. Giving me the courage to accept very challenging projects. Giving me the skills and the right knowledge to solve complex programming problems. Do I really think i can’t program without God’s Help? The answer is, well no, i mean I can still code but nowhere near as good as what I am now. God gave me this skills. Everyday I pray that he will guide me in completing the project and he always does. Gone are the days when he always gives me tough time. Well not really, but atleast its pretty good now careerwise. So Thanx a lot lord.

Second to my mom, who bought me a 366mhz celeron. which pushed my interests to programming sky high. damn without that PC i think my skills are not sharp as that today. I was practicing C/C++ most of the time. I remembered i created a snake game in C. But nah it sucked. there is flash AS now. So thanx Ma.

Then thank to scriptlance, its staff and everyone responsible for making it by far the top freelancing website. In sense of quality programmers and buyers. Thanx guys, i cant thank you enough.

Thank also to the buyers who never hesitated in my capabilities. Thanx for believing when I say I can do it and also when I say I can’t.  Thank you for being patient. Thanks to you guys.

Hmm. Why do i have to say many thanks? seems like its the end?

Nah. (knock on wood) I hope not. I am just starting ya know. We’ll as i said another milestone in my career has been reached so its just right to give credit where it is due.

And oh lastly, i should never forget. I like to thank my girl mimi. for giving my life another side. Without her it will be just me and my laptop and nothing to look forward to. Atleast sometimes I can laugh with someone, get mad etc and those feelings that are just right for humans. With my laptop, i only feel 2 kinds active when im starting at day very condition to code AND very tired on the later part of the day ready to sleep and recharge for another round of coding the next day. In other words it will be just a routine. Im just so glad i have someone with me to make my life atleast not routinary. I’m so afraid one day i might be going insane spending merely 12 hours or so a day infront of this laptop. (knock on wood).

So again thanks to everyone, my friends, my not-friends, acquaintances, also to you for reading this post and because you read this you are now part of my life and you know whats in my mind and we have now a connection and because of that errrr. i don’t know whats the next sentence. Im really sleepy.

and oh guys, lets cut the beer and smoke during celebrations its just bad for us. LOL! err. not really if you have it moderately.

thanx a lot!

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