facebook fever

yup2.. im on facebook now. After long years of refraining from joining any social networking or community sites I finally decided to signup and try out facebook. I didnt signup because i want to use those craps like connected with everyone and find someone crap, I just want to try out the now fastly growing facebook api. Facebook offers freedom for developers to build apps inside their facebook flatform. You have to let yourself be familiar with how facebook works, the modules, sections etc and most importantly how facebook works. In addition to their api, they have developed some facebook exclusive tags know as fbml and their javascript safe counterpart the fbjs which means facebook markup language and facebook javascript respectively. There are some couple others but just more advance but ill not go in to that.

Anyways, i have finished my first app and its just a test one. I hosted the app in this same blog site. I used php as my backend. After a day or two trying to learn the do’s and dont’s I finally publish my first app on beta stage. Its nothing special. Its just a Jacknpoy applicaiton which let you and your friends play. if you want to try out and give a comment in it and eventually find out that it suck you can login to your facebook account then point your browser in this url http://apps.facebook.com/jacknpoy/. I just hope you’ll like it but you’ll probably not. I suck at developing interesting ideas thats why my life is an open source boredom.

Anyways, what surprising is that i found out that engaging in friends online is not that bad. You can get to check whats the other guy on the end of a terminal is thinking/doing and its pretty interesting. As well as i can also share how boring and how a routine my life is  and no one cares. Its just like a fun thing to do. I never thought sharing this bullshits in life would be this fun. Now i dont wonder anymore why more and more users are getting into social networking sites. Facebook is just one of them and probably the biggest and fastest rising.

All in all i was not disappointed signing up on facebook. What turned out to be an application development practice turned out to be a fun thing I newly discovered here in the internet. Mind you, I never let that friendster craze under my skin before but this facebook thing. this is the real deal. If something can put a smile on ones face then thats amazing and i certainly would consider facebook as one.

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