Don’t mind how i constructed that title its just how the scene releases for torrents are formatted and it quite affected my outlook towards arranging group of words.

And oh, the word greet. Its nothing, ahh… butt ahh.. umm.. yeah oh i remembered. tomorrow is the day. Yes tomorrow is my birth*UC*KINGday. and guess what? nahh.. theres nothing for you to guess. same fucking crap. Birthday is just a mark on a calendar year to remind you that your days are almost over. Oh gosh, i hope i am not writing my own premonition or else i could easily appear on TV as the man having predicted his destiny.

So what the heck could be new tomorrow, i mean certainly nothing. Being drunk and stoned for the night aint new to me. Just incase you are late on the news, i’m a beer lover. and thats all i have and thats all i ever be. If drinking wont kill me her memories will… oh sheyt.. that was a line from a song. Shouldn’t be included here but its already written and my hand wont allow me for so much backspacing and im too lazy to move the mouse and highlight it.

What will I expect on my birthday? i expect a gift from sanTa and tell him to start giving Christmas gifts this early to accommodate the ever growing population. Have you noticed that in the old times Santa can manage to give gifts only during Decembers as he is still fast enough and there were not as many people back then But now poor santa is already old and he is not as fast and as youthful as ever and that our population ballooned. So I guess a little advice for santa wouldnt hurt his ire as i think i am reasonable enough for doing such actions. Oh sheyt, i noticed i was off topic for the last sentences, why the hell is this happening is this because im currently stoned. Nah, i havent puffed one yet.
But seriously, what would i want to happen on my birthday. Well(***thinking hard***), seriously… Nothing. Why would i want something to happen right? Who in their right mind would want that. LOL.
Though inspite of all I wanna thank God for letting me live until this time though i am still young but nah, i just want to thank God for allowing me to live upto this very day and I just hope i will have more days ahead of me and that my health wont betray me and hopefully i can still skate, write some kick-ass codes, drink beer and just those 3 is enough. God has already given me so much than i expected at this young age. He gave me more than enough and I cant thank him more.

ok on a lighter side, seriously im expecting some friends coming over and maybe we can share on a little food that we will probably prepare and then get drunk, laugh unreasonably, talk some serious and at the sametime senseless things. Maybe smoke some just to triple the happiness. Im just hoping everyone will have a great time and all will be cool. My birthday is just another shating session. Nothing special about it coz im myself am not special. Well i do look like a special child but who cares. (I do!)

Do i have wishes? sure i do. Whats my wish? Well 1 is… oh wait… can i mention what everyone mentions during their birthday wish or am I just watching too much tv? ok so they say, Long Life, Good health and Happiness. I swear i’ve heard these statements countless times during birthdays. Yeah well whats mine? hmm.. damn im not in my creative self right now that i cant think of something unique for my wish. LoL. Is wishing something like that? Nah.. seriously my wish is that for myself to courageously start a business and manage it well and make it a huge success (am I hearing berkshire hathaway type here??). I guess sometimes im indulging myself on too many things that i always end up just watching movie on my laptop whole day. In summary, i have lots of plans but they are all just plans and never enacted on it. We’ll at least i know to construct a plan I just dont know how to start to realize my plans.

oops i guess i have written enough sentences already and so its time to hit the save button!

till next time guys. I hope you’ll read my blog consistently so that ill be encourage to write more and more and more. LOL!

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