Sandi’s Graduation Bash ‘09

first of all i want to congratulate my friend Sandi for finally making it to the finish line. “Human najud sho!” As we always say it. :) .

I sometimes kinda wished that i could graduate someday too but It seems its too elusive for me. Well there is work, there is the boredom of listening again to professors, you name it i just have many, many reasons not to finish college. :( But anyways, this post not about the graduation but its about what happened after the graduation. Yeah you heard it right, just moments after sandi sang their graduation song…

Sandi did really treat us big time. First we went to a restaurant at obrero, which for some reason i cant remember its name at this very moment, and we ate till we were full. The food there was good, i ordered spare ribs and some chicharong bulaklak. Everything was great.

Then afterwards, we finally decide to head to our final destination At a KTV bar named “Yantis”. It’s my second time here and the room was great. What else can i say, the beer was ice cold and it was great. The place is kinda expensive and not really for commoners. How do you beat a Php50 per bottle of stallion?? Nonetheless everyone had a great time. Each one of us unmindingly sang our hearts out. We’ll i know im always out of tune but with the help of the spirit of redhorse it doesnt matter anymore.

I dont have the proper combination of words to describe the night but just think of something real fun and multiply its fun by 100 and thats the amount of fun we guys had that night.

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