I decrypted md5!

yeehaaaa!just this morning, i was thinking about random things to do. I cant remember why but i came and stumbled upon encryption methods and then it lead me to md5. Which is a very common one way encryption function that we use.  Most php scripts that i know uses this to encrypt passwords by users. Even without using salts this type of encryption alone is very secure. Now coupled with salt this is unbreakable.

I googled about it and checked whether someone in the www has already managed to break it. Alas! to my surprise there is still none. Wow! So I was challenged. But i was pessimistic and I just said to myself that there is no way i can decrypt it. I dont even know how that shit is made up. I dont know the basics behind its encryption algorithm. There was just no chance! 

So even with that, I still proceeded. I fired up some codes and test and test. Did some googling and more research about it and tried some other ideas. After an hour or 2. I think im nearing and nearing the solution. Well atleast thats what i think of.

and the suddenly… after some tweaks on my code and I lost track of how many times i switched between conditions and loops just to make my code efficient… It seemed to work. I tested it with my name. MD5ed “marco” which yielded f5888d0bb58d611107e11f7cbc41c97a. Then again I run this in my algorithm and surprisingly it echoed “marco”. Wow! was it just a fluke? then I tried another one. “Avril Folle” (just some random words i thought of) MD5ed it again and then ran the result with my Algorithm. Alas i have solved it. Wow!

So at April 1, 2009 11:13am I had officially solved the md5 hash which was formerly unbreakable.

this is a major breakthrough!  I cant wait what the programming community can say about this. I wrote the script using PHP.
so if you want to see the code live in action. click here and paste the md5 hash in the textbox has to have it decrypted.

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