the summer heat

can you feel it lately?

well i do… in fact it is under my skin. :(

i cant seem to concentrate working during 11am-5pm. As you all know im working in my bedroom, a 2 window bedroom. Yes it really is kinda small. Minute in a sense, but im comfortable about its size. However, what bothers me lately is the excessive summer heat. I know, i hear you shouting Global warming out there! This is just the effects, not too long ago i can remember i handle summer quite well without shedding those excess sweat. But recently, It seems i cant anymore. Its possible maybe since im not as young as before or also might be a case of wear and tear. But whatever that reason is i came up to a conclusion that i need to do something to at least negate the effects of summer and I can continue working without any problem.

So last saturday during lunch, i talked to my Mama and asked her whether its a good idea to have my room airconditioned and she said yes to that idea. In fact She said it really is needed since most offices are aircondtioned especially ones with computers and stuffs. Luckily since my bedroom is my office its like hitting 2 birds with one stone. I have my working area air cooled and at the same time my sleeping area. So what can you say. I think its not a bad decision to finally succumb to the natures heat.

Though there are some cons that im really thinking lately especially after the A/C was installed. First is its effects to the nature. One aircon installed means another contributing factor to global warming. Check this blog out to read about it. Ok and i promise to just turn it on when i cant stand the heat anymore. Ill have it on for a maximum of 10hours a day only. So you can see im a trying hard environmentalist down here. Second problem is the electric bill. Will it add up atleast P500 a month? I hope not coz i only bought a small one with .5HP. The one who installed my A/C said that since my room is so small it is more than enough to cool it and even channelling the cooled air to the adjacent room would be an option. Third is health risk. Ive heard some bad things about A/C causing one to have colds or cough. But i havent really had some extensive readings about it yet. soon i’ll found out. 4th one is maintenance. I really hate to do it. like time to time im  gonna clean the filters and so on and so forth. I just dont. I just hope it will be just at most a once a month thing to do. And someother crazy ideas that is not worth thinking of but i dont have any clue why it does reach my head.

So whatever those risks are, i should deal with them now and take good action. Coz the aircon is now at my back running and making my room a little refrigerator. We bought it at Metro Plaza. Brand is carrier. It cost us almost $300 but i think its worth it. It cools my room rapidly and has a decent temperature. It has stuffs that i basically need like a remote control, having a shutdown timer etc. It brags it has 5 type filter which i dont have any idea what is that about.

So that’s just basically about it.

I know I shouldnt have bought this thing and just live with the heat but i think my body just had too much. My pores are kinda yelling at me like “hey asshole can you even do something to ease our burden here”. In short I cant tolerate the summers heat no more at least while doing my work.

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