top15 unexpectedly

holly molly!… i was just amazed today knowing that i break again into top 15 in the scriptlance ranking… The last time I remembered some friends told me why I lost my ranking. Then i told them it was because i wasnt as active recently as i was before since im in a rest mode. But then again this past weeks, many clients went on my way and requested projects to be done and so I was up for the challenge and there it Go. Gladly i finished the projects with the help and grace of the almighty God. Thanks God for giving me the courage to never back down on the projects though it seemed impossible for me to do them!

I would like to thank also the buyers who never doubted my skills and dedication. Also to the scriptlance staff, Rene for having this great website. Also for all those who never believed me you guys made me work extra hard. Also i would like to thank the competition in Scriptlance, you guys make me outbid you everytime you outbid me on some project i love to do.

But really, this kind of things really puts icing on the cake. its really nice to know that your hardwork is showing.  Damn this doesnt gets any sweeter. I feel like celebrating to commemorate something like this. The last time i felt on top was i think it was 1st year highschool but i only finished second. But today, darn i feel on top eventhough its only number 15. With all other great programmers out there i feel really great even just breaking into top 20. This really is another milestone in my career.

I even told a friend that seems almost all of the users on top are working as a team under one username and we both agreed. But let me tell you, i feel i have the biggest team of em all. you know why? because i have someone who helps me when i feel i cant take the problem anymore. and i bet he is the best programmer one will ever have. How can he program the world or the universe if he wasn’t ?. :D

here is the actual screenshot that caught me off guard and eased my lower backed pain

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