Valentines Day is just another day?

Is it for you?

My wild guess is not.

Chances are if you are a male specie, you probably are already sending countless text messages to your prospected date. umm.. well wait.. that is if you dont have any current attachments or lets say still single. But if you already are committed then you probably are already thinking about the romantic places you should be with your love one for the coming night. And add up to it, the precious valentines gift. May it be the a bouquet of flowers, a romantic sounding named cake from red ribbon, or what have you i dont know. Anyways, to sum it all its not just another day of the year for you. You want this date of the year to be memorable and special. and thats how majority of the population think.

or wait… did I hear someone yelling “fuck valentines”. more on that later…

Ok im not sexists so it is just right to write something with regards to how I look at the femaie specie during valentine. Ok, so you are a girl and have a cellphone. it is just right for you to anticipated each text message that arrives in your inbox to be coming from someone who might happen to want you to take out for a date, But its not easy guys, the girl should have liked you 200% in order for the date to take place. sorry. See so this is just how it works, there is a waiting game going on for the females. They might wait on their doorsteps for someone to drop by a dozen roses or that sweet cake.

wait… wait… wait…  why the hell I am writing about how the female probably behaves when in fact i dont have any idea. So these are all fabricated lies? or just my mere imaginations? umm.. not really, at least i based those from stuffs i have read in the past and everything boiled down in to that paragraph as far as my mediocre comprehension is concerned.

ok. so remember the “fuck valentine” that somebody shouted above.

Well let me tell you, its quite common nowadays, and its a very escape especially if you want to think of yourself as fucking lucky because you dont have a date during valentines.  We’ll congratulations, you are not alone. Well having no date is not just the reason, but its because many individuals today already know about what the fuck valentines really is.

Let me quote something from the movie. “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

random thoughts for Valentine’s day, 2004. Today is a holiday invented by greeting card companies to make people feel like crap.

Actually never mind, I just browsed wikipedia (’s_Day) about it and it says theres a lot of history on it and it seems the greeting card companies didnt invent it.

ok so they didn’t invent right? What’d they do? we’ll simple. Propaganda. Pay some ads about how it sucks if you are not celebrating valentines by buying your loved one cards and how cool it is to make your love ones happy by sending this card. And booooom! people are brainwashed. And so, the modern valentines day tradition lives. Delete this date from the calendar and see how this companies find their tails stuck on a receding profit margin.

ok my message is just…

oh no, i dont have a date coz my gf hated me for not receiving her text messages because of my bedeviled p990i. ok i already threw that phone anyway. in a months time it will rot. same as the sim card. so if you noticed i have a new mobile number. And it just sucks coz i was hated not because of my wrongdoings but because of this shitty thing called technology.

fuck. valentines sucks. well at least for me.


LOL. whats up with that? this aint a valentine card.

and honestly, i feel like crap today. im fucked up and i dont fuckin know what to do. Maybe i’ll just play nba2k9 and beat houston rockets using my new team the T’Wolves.

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