Happy Birthday Miness!


Happy birthday to my wife! yes today it is!

So if you have read an earlier blog i made about me needing help of what gift i’m gonna give to my wife and if you are curious what it is and how did it went then this is the blog post about it. 🙂

I remembered i wrote that blog like a month earlier to give me ample to time to buy the gift and maybe surprise her but it actually turned out me buying the gift like  only a day before or hours before her birthday.

I actually thought i won’t be able to give her any gift because i was running out of time and i didn’t quite have the time to sneak without her knowing i’m buying her a gift. Also, an unfortunate event has happened, she accidentally bumped a rock while driving our car and it made a really ugly dent. I was pissed off and really thought that she does not deserve any gift from me. Of course emotion was high at that time and i really did not meant what i said. Anyways the day after that incident, we went to the city to sign some documents and have the car checked by our dealer. I said that i’m gonna head home directly and just let her go alone to have the car checked to the dealer. That timing was perfect, and since she thought i was heading home, that gave me sometime to drop by to the mall and scout some gifts.

While at the mall, everything did not come easy. I had to walk around every corner of the mall just look for that perfect gift. Turned out there is none. It’s either the item is too cheap and not really something she would buy for herself or that the item is too expensive that i can’t afford it anymore and it would be over my budget. But there’s this gift i was eying long ago, it was on a specialty store. The item was a bag from lacoste. I checked the price and I was like wow! it’s like a good percentage of what i am earning monthly. So it took me another hour to decide if I should buy it or not. I had a good hard look at the bag and then i marched to the ATM and ready to buy it. Before buying it, i had to roam around the mall again to see if there’s something cheaper but much more worthy than it. I could not find any and so I purchase the bag. I said to myself well, atleast my wife get’s to have a genuine designer bag after all she buys her bags from the ukay-ukay, and the gift is for 2 occasions at once, it was our civil wedding anniversary and of course it’s her birthday. It’s like hitting 2 birds with one stone except this stone costs me a lot!

So when i arrive home my wife haven’t arrived from the city yet,  I checked the gifts packaging and kept on staring if it’s presentable already then i wrote some dedication on the gift card on it. Then I hid the gift on the drawer under our bed. When she arrived I acted like i was still mad at her and that i did not care about her birthdays and stuffs and that everything was just normal. So i went to bed, and just browsed the internet and pretended to sleep till it was midnight and it’s her birthday! She was maybe half asleep already when i pulled out the gift and gave it to her. I can say she did not expect it a bit considering that i was still mad as she thought. I can see she was so happy and maybe she did cry a tear, maybe because the light was off and i can’t clearly see. She was so happy and shocked at the price and asks how did i manage to surprise her and stuffs.


When all was said and done, i did say that the gift i planned was made to reality and that it was a success considering how my wife likes it and how she was happy receiving a surprise coming from me. And me of course as the giver felt really really happy.

P.S. sorry for the fuzzy pics as you already know, i am now using again my ever reliable nokia 5800 bought back in 2009 i think.

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