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My  Skechers Go Run 2 - running shoes

My Skechers Go Run 2 – running shoes

I mentioned in one of my previous blogs that i am recently into this running activity. It appears i am going serious on it which is really what i want. The benefits of running are endless although there are cons.

So last week, i felt it’s cons. My knees are very sore after running like 5km on alternate days. I’ve read and researched about it and it turns out it maybe because of my feet and my shoes. I learned that i needed to know which type of feet do i have with a very simple wet test. Found out afterwards that i am flat footed, the arches on my feet is very low. Also by observing the wear on my shoes i found out that i am on overpronator, and that this motion is very prone to injury. I needed shoes specifically made for running. I wasted no time to browse the internet and read reviews and asked around. A friend also suggested a shoe and then when i read reviews to those who uses it, it turned out it was a great shoes and budget friendly compared to other brands. I end up buying the skechers Go Run 2, mind you, this is my most expensive shoe to date but compared to other brands it appears as a good bargain. Try to browse for running shoes with the brands Newton, Saucony, Brooks, Mizuno, or even Nike and you’ll see. I bought this pair for P4,395 and thankfully the guy at the cashier offered us a 10% discount if we avail for an SM advantage card and we did.

When i arrived home, my friend Allan suggested we then road test the shoes. LOL. (is “road test” even the proper term?!) So we did, we run towards the outer streets of our village and decided while on the road that we go for 8km instead of the originally planned 5km. I doubted myself i can even do it because the furthest i ran was only for 5km and it seems already too tiring for my legs. Nonetheless, he convinced me and encourage me that i could do it. While running he gave me some tips on what to do and what is running all about. This guy is a certified marathoner already has he is a 50km finisher. Wow, i can only dream of reaching that mileage. So anyways, i run the 8km run without problems except when i almost reached the finish line, like maybe 200-300 meters to go. I began doubting myself whether i can really do it and so i felt really tired and so afraid that my heart won’t be able to take it and just collapse on the road. Turned out It was all just fears, as i reached the intended finishing spot without problems we even walked another 500 meters or so downhill to drink some fresh buko juice. Although in actual numbers, we only run for like 7.7km as it as tracked by Allan’s GPS enabled watch but hey it is still a big milestone to my early running career.

Our running route

Our running route

It was really fulfilling, i never thought i could run that far, specially in my early jogging days when i could barley run 1km without my heart thumping like crazy and my lungs gasping for air. I can’t imagine that it was possible for me reaching this milestone. Now that i reach this, i am thinking sky is the limit.  LOL. I’m dreaming of running 50km one day, not this year, not in two years although i hope within that span but if my routine will continue i will say that within 3 years a 50km finish for me is not that far fetched.

And oh, on a sidenot, my broken fibula seems to be holding up well. It appears it did heal fine as i’m not feeling any pain on that part of my leg. My only problem now is my knees, it seems it hurts everytime i up my running distance, i am thinking it is just normal since i upped my distance to 60% more than my previous furthest. Also the blistering on my feet is a problem as this forces me to be sidelined by a couple of days atleast. But in totality, i think they are healing quite well and i can’t wait for my next run.

Blisters on the left and right arches of my feet. A blister also developed on my right toe, not in photo.

Blisters on the left and right arches of my feet. A blister also developed on my right toe, not in photo.

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