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my 4km jogging route, as suggest by my friend and neighbor Allan

I started engaging myself in this physical fitness stuff around December of last year (2013) when i felt really weak physically and months earlier than that when a grasscutter said to our helper that he was contracted by that “fat guy” obviously referring to me as i was the one who requested for his services.  I looked at the mirror and i said, damn I am really fat. I checked the weighing scale for some second opinion and i am in excess of 160lbs and for a guy who is just barely 5’3″, that must be really fat? I checked my old pictures and wow i can’t believe my body grew to be this fat. I believe it started when we moved into a separate house with my wife because she can buy and eat what she wants when she wants to and me would willingly help her into any junk food or healthy food she can get her hands to and because i am prone to impulsive eating I end up eating significantly more than her. It could partly also because whenever we do groceries, i can’t help myself but by a pack of beer. It was like i wanna copy what the Americans does on tv, there fridge are always stocked with ice cold beer ready to be chugged anytime.So much for the history, now i am trying to jog every other day around 4 kms a day. It’s a tad near for most of the regular runners or joggers and in fact it’s just a kilometer over what those 5 year old kid run during marathon. What a shame, anyways I won’t be deterred afterall 4km is still better than 0km and waking up late and just sitting all day on my work desk right? in addition to jogging i totally stopped smoking, well i was never a heavy smoker the most i can smoke is maybe 10 sticks a day and that’s only when i’m on a drinking session. I also totally stopped drinking any alcoholic beverage, anything with alcohol aint my business to drink anymore. I even forgot how being drunk feels, kidding! Although i do not shut myself out when my friends drink, i just sit on their side like i’m still drinking, still engaging in their drunk conversation only i’m not getting drunk at all. I find this even better, because i can’t talk nonsense and i can listen to their nonsense objectively, in this way i am in total control of my senses. Why didn’t i discover this art too soon? who knows i might not have drank a single bottle of beer but i don’t regret it, it was part of who I was and what’s important is what i try to do from now on. Don’t get me wrong though, i am not totally against anybody drinking beer or getting drunk it just not it is not for me anymore. Agree? With regards to my diet, as much as possible i refrain from eating too much fatty and oily foods and i like to eat as much fruits and vegetables as i can. I also added drinking lots of water on a daily basis. 3 liters perhaps?  but i’m not counting i just see to it that i keep my body hydrated regularly. For rest, i tend to sleep as early as i could and lately i feel like my body can’t tolerate getting out late at night anymore. It’s like my body is always reminding me how important proper sleep and rest is.

What are the changes now that i made some strides to a healthier me? A lot, honestly. When i started jogging i can’t jog 5 minutes around the block without catching my breath, I even concluded that i may have a heart disease already the way my heart is too weak to do short jogging distance. I was so worried at that time. but now? 4km and im not gasping for my breath anymore, my heart is worked out good but it’s not like before when it’s pounding like crazy like it’s signalling for an emergency. I lost some weight too. now i am around 144lbs, still i am far from really in good shape for someone of my height. For comparison,  let’s go with boxing, there’s a champion at super featherweight division named Mikey Garcia, according to boxrec he is 5’7 and if you look at him he is not by all means thin and what’s more is that just a year ago his original division is featherweight at 126 lbs. How does someone make weight like that? he is a good 4 inches taller than me and looks a lot bigger than me not necessarily bigger but fitter. How does he do it? I figured he makes 126lbs or 130lbs now by eliminating fat in his body and just replace it with muscles, muscles is not necessarily lighter than fat but it’s more compact than saggy fats. For my height, in boxing standards i should weigh around 115lbs. that’s heavier than where villoria is fighting and judging by looks we are like the same size, he is even listed at 5’4. I guess my target weight should just be around 130lbs its a good 14lbs lighter than where i’m at today. In fact if i could just cut my weight down to 135lbs in the next 3 months i will never be happier let alone 130lbs. But i don’t plan in looking like frail or really thin because of dieting and not eating properly. i want to lose weight and at the same time fill my body with muscles not those bulky ones but ala bruce lee. This is really far-fetched and i’m not sure if this is even doable given my limited excercise activities but it’s a goal and it’s already a good start.

This is a very important part into maximizing my capacity as a human being. This is the just physical aspect. There are other areas that i would certainly need to improve to and the most import thing is the spiritual aspect, i would need to deepen my relationship with God, i need to be more involve in God’s works i’m not talking about just giving donations or stuffs i’m talking about getting more people to know of him and bring this people to God’s embrace. Other aspects are of course my emotional, social, intellectual and actually there are a lot that i should strive to improve within me that it almost sounds unattainable but if you surrender everything to God and you will let God lead your way and follow him and put your trust in him this is all but impossible.

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