g'm0rning sunshine

owdy. yeah it's good to wake up once again. Thank God you are still breathing and that a day was again added to your life.

Ok, so ahh. i texted Guia saying good morning and i thought she was still asleep at that moment and i was right. I got her message on facebook later this morning and she doesn't feel well but i hope she does coz we are gonna be preparing for our manila trip. yeah.

And for my work… whew, i don't have a task yet from matt. yeah really. Actually i call it calm before the storm. usually when you have no task(or little task) earlier in the day, Matt's(or Ryan occasionally) will send you some helluva of a task which usually would make your eyebrows cross and literally sends some of your hair falling down the keyboard. kidding. anyway yeah tough tasks come and go but i just need to live with it coz it is my work. I've got a sideline too with Glenn, it's skinning a zencart store. the design is already on the front page and it kinds sucks really but i just need to do it whatever it takes. 🙂

It's noon and lunch time now. i think i can eat earlier and maybe take a bath so i can go out early in the afternoon to meet guia and plan for our things and how we do it in manila. maybe prepare stuffs. the this and thats'. you know what im talking about.

so it's still half day and half of my day aint done yet. actually the post title is wrong. its not good morning now coz i wrote this noontime. I should change it but nah. nevermind. it is what it is. i would know. title's are overrated by the way. content is king baby. anyways. yeah. ok buh bye


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