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So one afternoon, after a long day at work, alone at home since my wife has gone to the city proper to process some paperworks, glee is with her of course and so i have nothing left to do and thought maybe it’s good to sweat out some of the excessive fats i have. The past week has been nothing but eating some junk foods and fruit shakes since we bought a blender. So it’s like almost every afternoon my wife makes an avocado shake or any fruit she gets her hands on from the nearby market.

So since the makeshift basketball court on the opposite street was already taken down and i can’t go jog and leave the house with no one in there I decided to bring out my old skateboard. It was literally ages since I step foot on it let alone do an ollie, or maybe not, i thought i ride on it very rarely like maybe once in 4 months just to get my feet to feel the board. As you maybe already know i did suffer a break in my fibula and so my right leg is limited for some serious action. I don’t know but this day i felt it’s time for my feet to try doing what i used to do and i loved to do which is skateboarding. I felt maybe because i’m already jogging well like 3 kilometers on mornings and my leg aint hurting anymore afterwards so it’s about time i test it.

I just step on the board and rolled with it albeit the space is very limited so the board’s speed is really low but mind you i did sweat profusely maybe because i’m like weighing double than what i used to weigh during my active skateboarding days. My heart did pump and pound like it was surprised of the activity but i just went on until I felt like the old days, i felt like my old self skating once again. Suddenly the feel of the board is very familiar, tried to do some really awkward ollies and failed miserably or laughably to bluntly put it. But of course i was not deterred, afterall I am still turning 30 on my next birthday and Tony hawk did the 900s when he was around 30+ so i figured im still very much capable to skate. I don’t think my knees have so much mileage as i never have gotten any serious injury while skating and i’m not the gnarliest of skaters so i seldom do big drops and steep ollie downs. Plus now i feel never more protected and guided since my faith is an at all time high, and to say i prayed while skating that i would not get any injuries and what can i say God looked after me at that point. I believe that! Ok so i know you must not be an avid religion fan so i’ll stop that topic for now. So i kind of get the skating groove or rhythm, tried an ollie and it seemed to feel like the ollie back in the days, i mean just kind of but not how i actually ollied back in the days. I tried kick flip and the board flipped but was really bad. it was way off my feet and i’ve landed earlier than the board. So i just tried and tried and i can’t count the numbers anymore until one time out of nowhere i landed the kick flip out of luck. That’s when i said to myself maybe i can still kickflip. There too we’re some little kids like 5 year olds passing by and watching the tricks and do and i saw they we’re kind of ecstatic to see me almost landing the kick flip and it kind of egged me a bit to do it well. So i landed it like more often than not although the form is not good and it was far from perfect but for me the fact that it flipped and i landed on the board was already a good headstart. So what i did, I took my digicam and because it was mounted on a gorilla pod it was a breeze to set up and capture what i’m doing. So from there i captured the end part of my skateboarding session and i landed some kick flips there and because i was thrilled with what i saw on the video i decided to do and edit a funny video about it. Here is the video, the captions are on our native dialect so you might not understand a bit but you’ll get the idea.
here’s the video i made:

So for those skaters out there or former skaters, those who have not skated for like 5 years or more like me, there is still a get chance to get back. The advantage is treat this as an excercise or an alternative to our boring life’s routine. Skateboarding will give your life another facade. Healthwise, it’s good for the heart and blood circulation and it really flexes your muscles, the disadvantage of course if if you choose this route at our age we are prone to injuries but fret not because all you need to do is ask the Lord God for protection while skating and put your faith to it like 100% and believe you will never get injured if God is with you.

Remember to always pray and skate safe brothers and sisters.

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