Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy mother’s day to all mom’s out there! You know the world would have never been this fun albeit crowded without you guys and so I feel that y’all deserve a space in my humble blog.

Happy mother’s day to my lovely and sexy wife too. She has never look so much younger, it’s like she returned to her college figure (although she prefers the weighing scale move more to the right). She never exercises though, and she claims it’s just her genes and that because she’s breastfeeding our daughter.

So how did we celebrate mother’s day? What present did my wife receive from me? What are the moves i made to somewhat make my wife the mother of my daughter feel special? If you’re that curious then you better view the complete post.Ok so first up, there was no plan or whatsoever. My wife just suddenly decided we go to a community work being conducted by our brothers and sisters in the couples for Christ. It was quite a long drive from our home so we headed early. Since it was a religious Org the entire activity started with us hearing a mass. The Mass was celebrated by a foreign priest, i can sense he’s european or somewhere near south america because of his accent but what surprises me, although it is uncommon,  is how fluent he is speaking our dialect. Yes it’s not perfect but it’s conversational level. So the priest greeted everyone happy mother’s day to which it yielded smiles from the mothers. In his homily it was about how everyone can change for the better and that love is the purpose of our lives and how it can dramatically change our condition no matter how hard it is. Yes that’s the idea if i am not mistaken and if my listening skills haven’t betrayed me yet. So after the mass I decided that we better head off because we have other plans like visiting our respective mothers and buying them cakes as a tribute to them being great moms and also because we could be of no help anymore because there were quite a number of brothers and sisters already serving. The community work was operation tuli and since we were not doctors and my wife is not practicing nursing at the moment I figured it would be alright if we’ll just excuse ourselves first and commence with the mother’s day visiting plan. And off we go but that decision did not go on without protest by my wife and we even had an argument to which my wife became really mad and pissed and to the point she claimed that it was her worst mother’s day and that i should cut her some slack atleast for a week because she’ll gonna have an exam. You guessed it right that’s were the fight started.

This has always been my dilemma, although it’s really nonsense and all and less than 5% of the population is even thinking about something like this but yes this has been haunting me. Ok so what’s the problem? My problem is with special days. No. 1 is because i work from home and i don’t usually go out malling and all and i’m a home buddy type of person i rarely get a chance to window shop and buy something secretly for my wife. No. 2 is that it’s not within my nature to give gifts and make surprises and sweetness stuffs, yes i’ve done that before when i was still courting my wife but believe me it was really an effort, it did not come naturally. Now you will say, why can’t i do the same thing to my wife now? Easy as much as i want to refer to No. 1 and also it’s different when you are trying to raise your family being pressured with work and getting food in the table. You know this fellow fathers or breadwinners! No. 3 is because i am poor in planning and remembering dates. it’s like I’m gonna work on setting me up a google calendar or getting myself a really cool smartphone to organize what im gonna do, something like “Hey phone, remind me a month before mother’s day to buy gift for my wife and repeat it everyday until i tell you that i’ve done buying that gift”. that would really be helpful.

So how is this a dilemma? it’s because my wife is the exact opposite of me when it comes to giving gifts. I always receive something for my birthday from her or any special occasion like father’s day etc. She sees to it i get a gift. Because of this, i think she is expecting that it is right that she receive something from me too and when she figures i haven’t planned anything or bought her any present then this would piss her off and damn everything even the slightest reprimand from me will be countered with harsh words from her and then the fight starts.

My wife, i know someday or somehow you’ll get to read this, although she hate’s reading so my blog looks like a wall of text to her and she’s not really interested, Please do understand my nature and i am very sorry for not really something of a surpise2 type of a guy but I really love you and i really want you to feel special and all and feel great on mother’s day like you really deserve to but you know i just can’t back it up by giving gifts or creating something like a card or a drawing or a letter yes i know there are lots of ways but im not sure why im not really fond of those stuffs maybe i can trace it back when I grew up we rarely get this kind of surprises or gifts. I hope i can correct this or i mean we can correct this and not pass this up to our daughter which i trust you can do but i will try to play my part too.

Again, I am sorry my wife, for not letting you feel special on mother’s day. I hope you can forgive me. 🙁

Happy mothers day to my Mother Marissa and to My Mother-in-law Helen, to which i proudly say both of them got a cake from me with a “happy mother’s day” writing and a leche flan from goldilocks, although the latter jests how bad that cake was.

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