Jesus and the samaritan woman at the well

Jesus and the samaritan woman at the well (image from

It’s been ages since i blogged or even attempted to, i sort of forgot about having the means to write something. Rightly so, if you read the “About Me” section directly on the right of this post, a descriptive phrase says “Forgetful blogger” 🙂

So today, I was having my “just recently started” Sunday morning ritual which is going to youtube to search for “the word exposed”. This video is produced by the Jesuits, it featured Cardinal Tagle of Manila doing some homily like discussion to the current Sunday’s gospel. I just found out about it accidentally, actually. I may have had stumbled upon it somewhere in my wife’s facebook or I think i was searching for Cardinal Tagle’s homilies and then i learned about this “the word exposed” youtube channel. It was love immediately, kind of like love at first sight but you get to watch the whole video first and understand it instead of just looking at it superficially.


The topic for today is about conversion, hence the title of this post. So it was taken from the book of John which is a story about Jesus and a samaritan woman helping jesus to fetch some water to drink. I am not very sure verbatimly but it is along those lines. Ok so the story goes like Jesus sort of evangelized this samartian woman. Jesus said to her about the life giving water, the water that just not only quench thirst but gives life and Jesus can give it to her. Jesus knows about the womans whole being and whole life, Jesus said to her that he knows that she has been not living with his husband but with different man and so she was surpised that Jesus knew this. What made her more surprised was that it was the first time ever that someone knew her background but did not condemn her. Never in her life she felt so loved despite the wrongs that she might have done. Eventually this Samaritan woman became a missionary, spreading the teachings of Jesus and the good news.

The story there is very brief as i was just writing it down through memory recall. Although i am sure the thought is very much in the point. I remember cardinal tagle quoted Pope Francis in one of his Angelus Masses where he said “God does not get tired of forgiving us, but we are the ones who get tired of asking for forgiveness”. This somehow struck me, i realized how true this is in me. Most of the time because of so many things i know that i’m doing wrong it seems that i do not have the will anymore to ask God to forgive me. I have this mindset that maybe God does not mind this anymore which is wrong. This reminded me that even with God’s unlimited mercy and compassion, I should still do my part and ask for his forgiveness and mercy. It should not be like it’s all automatic, like i’m not showing any remorse and I expect God has already forgiven me. I am always praying to God for this that may he guide and help me and remind me that I do need to pray always and ask for forgiveness, I am afraid that time will come that i will be too stable and complacent that i will feel that my life is already in my hands and i am in total control which is terribly wrong. You are not in control, we are not in control. God is.

So that last line probably highlights this post with an exclamation point, true that statement is quite strong but it is what I believe.

You might have to endure my posts from now on as I think more often that not it will be about the impact God has brought in my life and in my family’s life. Many people knew me back then and maybe many could not believe that i am changed with the grace of God save for some of my select friends who knew that within me there was this thirst and hunger to knew God and that’s why i was searching and was thirsty for the truth to the point that i questioned everything and made me appear as a non believer but obviously I am changed with God’s grace my eyes has never been so opened about how i view this whole religion thing and it’s diversity and the discrimination and it’s history.

So in closing, just as the tile of this post suggest and like what Jesus has done to the samaritan woman, Jesus has touched something inside of me so that i am now forever changed.

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