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I am recording today an observation regarding my freelancing career. Well i started not really as a freelancer but a trainee employee at cerveo doing programming for joomla websites. This is where I was oriented about the web. I get to learn there some of the basics and the cores of joomla development. I experienced developing website single-handedly. I also experienced debugging, customizing and adding features to joomla websites. Our employer, Sir Dennis which probably is the best programmer i met so far, aides and guides us on our development. It was not spoon feeding type yet it helped me develop working independently. Now i can say i am more effective working alone rather than working with someone else, I am a poor team player. Yet I hope to develop teaming up more and probably get used to it.

I tried freelancing few months after i had a hold of the php language. I can still remember my first paid task was from scriptlance, of the old username i use freakismarco, it was a forum, Well I earned about $80. the job was to add a download limiter per member. well it wasnt that easy but i managed to finish it in one night. Then after 2 days I receive the first payment thru westernunion. cool huh. This was the start of my freelancing career.

While I was doing freelance, I am also working at thru cerveo company. I managed my time and do freelance after my schedule which was 11pm-8am Philippine Time. At daksol i met more programmers, i can say they are technically better than me. 🙁 Anyways, at this moment. My freelancing career is going great. I had won some bids and so my reviews are getting better and better. BTW, at this point im #93 at scriptlance, its a new id since i abandoned my old account for some reasons. Believe it or not. but I reached #15 at scriptlance one time. It was quite an achievement to me.

Recently, I am employed under a fast-growing web development firm, under the management of Sir Ali, probably the best manager/webmaster i had worked with. Here my job is mostly on php_fox customizations and some php websites. At this point in time, I am commited on the firm's projects and so I cant put more time on doing freelance jobs, though sometimes during relax moments, I sneak some time to bag some exciting projects at scriptlance.

I wanna thank all the webmasters who believed in me, especially the ones who gave really nice feedbacks. hehehe. I wanna thank everyone who in any ways contributed on the wellness of my freelancing career. I wanna thank my mentors at USEP for the basics of programming. I wanna thank my employers for believing in me.


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  1. shawn

    all i can say is they didn’t give you #55 rating and nice feedbacks for nothing.. you’re the one of the best php duder i’ve ever met.:D


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