Ask not what your country can do for you

…BUT what you can do for your country. – JFK

Sounds just about right. And perfectly so, everyone should adapt to this mantra, and i mean everyone.

But what if you have been doing your country every positive thing, giving your country all the praises and respect and honor and glory and what have you and then all of a sudden *bang* *thud* your beloved just kick your arse big time. How bad will that be? For me, it’s really bad to the point that i would think of changing my citizenship and do a gradual 360 and bash the SOBs big time. That’s just me though and please pardon my rhetoric.

Anyways, this seems what’s been happening to Manny Pacquiao these days, yeap the Filipino boxer who rose to worldwide stardom from the streets of Dadiangas. Everytime this guy fights and win (albeit losing some) the Philippine flag is displayed and waived honorably atop the ring and even accompanied by our National Anthem. That alone should be a big ticket for “special treatment” although i’m not saying(or implying) that it is correct and it should be done.

The big issue Pac is facing now is the battle with the Philippine Tax Man (woman infact), These smart douchebags are so highly technical when it comes to paperworks that they could probably find any loophole at some point in your life and use it against you and then worse comes to worst all the money you saved will be seized. Which leaves you exactly where you are 20 or so years ago when the government didn’t give a damn yet coz you’re earning so little that the cost of filing a case is considerably more than what they can get from you. Don’t get me wrong though, i’m not saying that it’s bad to pay taxes, i know we should, it’s one of our obligations in life. It’s you giving back to your community although forcibly it seems.

On a lighter note, i learned something in this tax brouhaha. I learned a new term “garnishment”. Whoa wait. I think i learned that word already. Wait where? umm cooking show! yeah cooking show it is. Like you garnish the cake on top with something like lemon scraping or something. haha! Seriously though, that term they are using means that they’ll freeze whatever assets you have, they use it like “hey here’s a warrant of garnishment for your bank accounts, breaking news your poor again”. Yeah, when you hear that or receive some letter to that effect, better ran fast to your bank and check if you can withdraw your savings and if your lucky then withdraw it all and probably just invest in a little metal box and please just be secretive as you can and do not tell anybody know that you’ll be hiding bundles of cash somewhere in your home or some where. It’ll start your demise.

So let’s get back with this tax issue. I learned that the USA and the Philippines have some sort of tax agreement against double taxation. It goes like if you already paid taxes in the philippines for that certain income then by no means it will be taxable in the Philippines especially that the tax in the US is around 30% which is a little bit more than the regular 20% here in the Philippines. So without all the paperworks, it is understood that PacMan should not be paying any cent to the Philippine government for his income from the states.  Now, this very income is what Kim Henares(head taxwoman) wants taxed. This is absolutely crazy here’s some reasons why. 1 it is either kim has total disrespect for the tax agreement between US and Philippines. 2 She thinks manny tax evaded the US government and thus he did not pay any tax in the US thus making the tax treaty unapplicable. 3. This is all made up but i’ll write anyway, maybe it’s politics! 4. as improbable as it be, someone is sick with crab mentality and can’t accept the fact that PacMan is miles ahead of her in terms of assets. I do hope scenario 3 and 4 is not why this issue is brought up. Anyways issue no. 1, good luck with that US is some bad motherf!@#$D to go against and i think Kim should be sucking the US balls for what they have done and for 2 it’s just impossible that Manny did not pay the US tax because we all know how the IRS handles there business, there is no escape with them. They are fair don’t get me wrong but at the same time they are firm. Every perceived and charged tax evaders in the US definitely ends up in Jail. just google “wesley snipes tax” and there are load other personalities that the IRS did get. What i’m trying to point out is it’s impossible for PacMan to have tax evaded the United States Government OTHERWISE HE’D BE IN JAIL BY NOW! how simple is that logic? so if it’s a fact that pacman already paid the US taxes it’s just understood that he won’t be needing to pay tax in the philippines. The BIR(Philippines’ IRS) said they want the tax return as proof and while it is true that Manny’s camp failed to provide this probably because of incompetency, we know how Manny rolls, he does not hire someone because of his ability and skills he hires them out of mercy as he want to help someone make a decent living and maybe referrals by friends and hangers on he can’t say no to. So with all that there is still an ERR in pac’s side but since the BIR wanted the paperworks as proof badly my question is, is it not proof enough that the IRS is not after pac which means pac paid his taxes properly in the US?

Personally i think this move by the BIR is one of those things that causes our country divide and thus brings us as a nation a lot of problem. How many people do you think are inspired to pay taxes because of this? Is this something like one of those public executions so everyone will be scared to do bad? “Oh they got Manny and the icon that he is had no escape, what more with me i’m just an ordinary big bellied underachieving citizen, i better start paying my taxes now!” Really?

I tell you Philippines is getting less and less desirable for it’s citizen as days goes by.

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