her last day

Yesterday, I attended a burial of a friend who just past away on Feb. 14, 2007. She was still very young at 23. The doctors diagnosed her of having a lupus, a chronic disease involving the immune system. She was buried in their personal lot, not too far-away from their residential place.

Her death made everyone sad, especially her family, the parents and 2 brother and also her husband and their baby girl.

I would also like to ask an apology to some folks who notice that i dont try to take a look at dead bodies inside a coffin. Its not that i have a necrophobia or something(which might be also true, hehe) yet the idea is when u look at the dead bodies it seems that it isnt the same person you knew anymore since the spirit already left. So when someone pasts, I would rather see their living form, spirit one with the body, in my mind when i remember them.

I met her at USEP, we were on the same course both taking up Information Technology. It was when we became classmates that we became friends. We were not bestfriends or a very-close-friend stuff but we became typical school friends. The type where we chit-chat before class starts, discusses after-class matters, sometimes we get to eat lunch together, and also i hang out often at their boarding house, just a few block away from our school. Honestly speaking, she was one of the few female friends I have, she and Dayanne. I find them both very welcoming and somewhat true persons and this are the things that are very valuable. I could still remember her sweet pleads when she wants some help on assignments/projects and her manner when you try to fail her requests. Well she has also her temper, and just watch out for it. There were many things I learned from her, she and Dayanne were the ones opening up the social part of my life.

I would say that she is a very friendly, kind-hearted creature that has touched the lives of many. I hope im not sounding exaggerated but on my point of view this is how i see her. Where she is now is behind the grasp of every human being, yet we are hopeful that the almighty God will take care of her.

In our hearts you'll live forever, Joan Asumbrado

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