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15 days ago, for some odd reasons, partly maybe because of my grief to my dog who just died at that time, I decided to do the unthinkable. *SOUND INTRO* *TADA*  … I blocked facebook in my desktop! yes really, sounds crazy or dramatic or call it what you may but yes i blocked facebook! Some will maybe raise an eyebrow and will say that i can’t sustain this craziness and maybe one day i will login and post a stupid status updated. They maybe right but then again they maybe wrong too. Nobody knows what the future holds and that is a fact but what’s real at the moment though is that you can’t login to facebook using my desktop. You can login using you cellphones or laptops because i did not block it in my router so in essence if i wanted to i can still login to facebook. I just needed to do this first step to unshackle my life from what seems to be over information brought about reading anything and everything on facebook. Before anything else you might want to look at the screenshot of how my monitor looks like when you are trying to access facebook.

Screenshot from 2013-10-30 05:48:01

Anyways, you might be saying what then? what good does it bring? To some extent I question that too, especially when this thing just started. I said, what if facebook is blocked? it’s not like i’ll become a millionaire or instantly my IQ goes up a couple of points.  Although i never realized the advantages of not on facebook until I did it. I will enumerate it below so it will be clear and just try to explain each on the succeeding paragraphs. so okay here are the benefits i can see:

  1. You’ll no longer have information overload so your brain is fresh always.
  2. You’ll never know how evil really is the world around you with all those bad news and negativity all around.
  3. You’ll never unnecessarily argue with strangers (or friends) about silly things which is only because of difference of opinions.
  4. You’ll never ever read unsolicited advises from strangers (or friends) which pretends to be experts in life.
  5. You’ll certainly doing your boss a favor and more working hours for you.
  6. You’ll never ever know well other are doing which makes you look at yourself differently.
  7. You’ll never spend unnecessarily because of the sale flashes on your newsfeed.
  8. …there are darn too many that if I enumerate them all I will sound corny.

So those are mainly the advantages I can see and i’m sure there are other some more important that I might have missed but I know that you get the point.

Ok so what’s with this information overload thing? That’s trivial. yes, maybe for you. But not for me. i can’t count the times that when im opening facebook and something interesting in my newsfeed comes up and the curiosity out of me makes me dig into it deeper than necessary. God knows how many wikipedia and new articles have i opened just to learn more about a certain topic and verify it’s validity. One advantage with this is it makes me smarter when i’m conversing with people, I will be like “Did you know… blah blah” and it’s all from wikipedia i searched a few days ago. In short, im becoming an expert on things i have no use of. So i decided i dont need that in my life.

Point #2 too, i can’t stress how important is this for me. Facebook peeps are so fond of sharing negativity, im not saying things like earthquake coz they are natural disastars and we can’t do anything about it. I’m talking some posting this friend is blah blah is so evil and blah blah i wanna kill him and stuffs. They don’t realize is the more that person posts something like that the more negative things my brain will associate that him/her. And it’s just so bad and this is not even being judgemental and this is just how some of our brain works involuntarily! …and to top it all, it’s a headstart when you are reading it at 5:30am while drinking coffee.

3, well this is true coming from me who almost instantly want to fight for what i know is true. This is a bad habit of mine, it’s like i wanna share what i know to someone and i want to correct that someone for his or her own good. But what it always turn out is that someone will get offended. I dont know how am i sounding rude when typing letters on your computer does not even have a sound! Crazy but there are things i dont need too.

4, yeah. Countless times when i post something and i am not even asking for advise and stuffs and people will suggest something and they are not even right! In my mind i want to say(scream) like “For your own sake, did you just google that?!” Because let’s be honest everyone is an expert now on certain topics. But what they do not know is that the first item on the google results page is not always right. You need to google more and try atleast a few different keywords in order to be absolutely certain. Plus even if you are right, i’ve made up my mind already, the stubbornness in me would never wanna listen to you.

So for point 5, this is the last item im gonna be explaining about, and the rest well just be creative and try to comprehend what i meant with those lines, the fact that you are reading this blog I know that you are smart! …ok so back to the point. I admit, point 5 is the final nail in the coffin. As simple as it is i wanna be more productive, If i just spent the time i had on facebook on reasearching android or ios stuffs who knows i might have created the next instagrams, sumlys, drawsomethings. That would of course be an overstatement but that gives you an idea how facebook affects our working hours. Now i am dead serious about making my career turn up a notch, as far as I am concerned im drowning into oblivion buried inside the codes of joomlas, wordpresses, xcarts and what have you. I think it’s about time i learn something out of interest and not something i must do for $$$. But don’t get me wrong, i love coding, definitely i love it it’s my passion and never in my life will i replace my job with anything as i love what i’m doing. This plan to go to android or Ios is just me testing the waters and try what it feels like and this is not even a concrete plan yet! This just sprang up within me now that i have more time out of facebook.

So I guess this is enough for now, it’s almost 6:30 and i just came from jogging so this is sort of part of my cool down routine. I hope i imparted something useful to you. So if you want to get rid of a facebook habit, i’m not saying get rid of it permanently because it is a very important way to contact someone, just do it. Or much better, just change how you use it if you can.

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