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Phew!. should have thought of some better title for this post. But nah, ill just live with it. who cares. Well, that title will somehow describe what i want to write here. OR maybe the title says all. should i continue to write? LOLz

I came to realize after all these hours(talking bout 15-18hrs) i spend working, that my life is slowly evolving.( im not saying im rich though, coz i'm way poor than you think. ­čÖé ) Well at 21 now, seems that i am spending every singe time i have in front of this computer. I seem addicted to work. Must it be the case?!? well I hope not. I am just doing these to make some folks happy bout what i do. I mean the pipz around me. Relatives, Family, Some Friends, “EMployers” of course. Well i seem to be earning way more than the average income├é of a Filipino idiot. FYI, if i didnt know how to deal with programs and codes, I'll tell you. ill be spending my life as a mountain folk. Not that Mountaineer type, but the ones who live in mountain ranges, with long hair(well i have long hair now), unshaved beards. Ohh. might be a mountain hippie. Lolz. Anyways, this job is somewhat financially rewarding in exchange for a good night sleep. Lolz. I wonder if I can buy some sleeping time sometime. ( Hey Warcraft hero's would you mind casting that sleep spell on me so i can cope up with all the sleep loss ) Lolz. Yes time is a big issue for me now. I wished a day was made up of 32+ hours so i can work for 24 hours and still get 8 more hours of sleep.

Well, there are bad and good things about my job. Start with the good ones, Good coz i get to save some money( which I never dreamed of having ) so it means i can buy some stuffs that I want. But i dont need them anyways. lol. THe only positive thing i can see here is that i can help my family financially at least. and also we will not starve and also we get a chance to taste some good tasting foods. Now, the badside is worst. I mentioned in above about sleeplessness, on my previous post i mentioned missed skateboarding( which i still wish till now ), and also my fun and relaxing time is gone.

These i think already signifies that my life is starting to change. well i still have long hair, listen to bob marley, same shy attitude, still pretends to be boastful to friends. lol. But the usual hang outs were gone, the moments were i get drunk with my buddies, the moments were we kill the time by walking and walking and walking, the moments when we talk about how politics and government sucks, the moment we share our faith. In short, i seem to be living alone with my computer. Well this computer is smart enough to catch up with my IQ, but it poorly catches up with the things i can laugh about( dont point me to any joke sites ).

Not so long from now, and ill have my brain implanted by a microsprocessor and a piece of memory├é so that i can live fully as a robot and not feeling all this crazy things. OR i still have an option to crush this machine here and live in the mountains and probably spend singing infront of a bonefire with some folks and puffing a piece of ganja feeling high and get drunk with “tuba”. And there goes Marco, was once a thrasher, but now a…


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