the missing cd

It was a few weeks ago when i asked Mama to buy me a new cellphone SGH-X820 by samsung. They bought it in SM, wiltelcom. When the phone reached me, I inspected the phone and felt excited about it. I took some pics and video clips, then later on i realized the fact that the files in my cp will just sit in its memory and got no linkage to outer world. It was then that i suspected that something must've been missing. Then found some weeks after that it really had a cd. Gladly, the cd was given when my Mama went back and asked for it. Lesson learned is that we should ask, inspect these techie things before buying them coz those evil sales guys might just trick us by not giving out completely what we have paid for.

Now the phone looks good with the PC-Link cd. The best thing is that i can transfer my files easily. So from then on, expect my blog to be full of pics. Happy Capturing Moments to me. Lolz.


2 thoughts on “the missing cd

  1. shawn

    lol..wishin’ good luck to your new career as a photographer m’man. hope you wouldn’t end up shooting for 1×1 or 2×2 id picture like frustrated photographer there in san pedro. nyhehehehe.. 😀


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