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Hi there. so umm. yeah get used to my umms and uhh. coz i like to to add that to make my posts longer. kidding. So yeah, today was quite a long day but i accomplished a lot. finished some side projects with a long time client back in 2009 and i am not sure if he will pay me or if we are in good terms in the past but i figured i'll just do it coz it was quite doable. so yeap i did it in like 2 hours? but yeah a painful 2 hours. ok on my regular job, finished a revamp of a template not really major but umm it's complex in nature so much patching going on. also fixed some loose ends on a project that i worked which was transferred to a new server and now everything is running. I feel good knowing i cleaned up all of my task queue and hopefully tomorrow i'll feel more energetic to face new challenge at work.

and uhh.. so most of those stuffs we're about work really. about other things nothing really special. Guia was quite busy today helping her mom's food store and i'm quite busy too so we didn't really chat a lot but i texted her and we update each other. and just minutes before i wrote this we had a good chat session not really that short but good. so she wanted me to prepare my things and stuffs and seems like she wants to dictate how or what I wear. yeah it kinda pisses me off coz i have my own style too right? But nah i hate arguments and i dont want here to be upset about petty things so yeah she should buy me some shirts to wear and i think i'll eventually like it. I trust her judgements so yeah i'll be expecting some new shirts for the manila trip.

what else do i have to blog. oh yeah, i was thinking about putting hours on this site like redesign this blog a li'l bit put up something nice on the index page, setup some plugins but nah i think it'll be just later coz it's a busy day recently. maybe weekends or if i am really that idle.

i'm beginning to love blogging again more and more. i'm thinking im gonna write again stuffs about my career, music, opinions, polticis religion and damn everything! lol. im just thinking that one day if they wont delete this blog i can still look back and check what i did on the past. it's like my time machine or a little gateway to the past and back. or i could write something about the future and wait if it'll come true or not.

just waiting to get sleepy now. which i believe i wont be for sometime coz i drunk extra joss( a local energy drink) and maybe lighted some 3 cigarrettes(yeah dude, i'm gross coz i smoke. live with it.) but yeah i think i should stop writing now my back aches coz i dont' really have an office chair all i have is a single monoblock type. but yeah this one suffice. so bye for now!


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