RIP our Ziggy :'(


Such is life, really. All living things should one day face death as a  consequence of being a mortal. In Ziggy’s case it was damn to early. 8 days shy of his 7th month. Time flew fast, really fast. Ziggy looked like an adult dog already and i often neglect the fact that he was still a very young puppy. I treated him already like a grown up dog because he looked like one and certainly looked bigger than our local dogs here.

Ziggy is technically my first puppy. I might have puppies back when i was young but I never remembered really owning or claiming a dog, maybe then they were like the family guard dogs and not someone’s pet.

I can still remember how Ziggy arrived to us, he was a small, cute and sad looking confused little pup skimping through our then unscathed yard. Yeah our yard didn’t have dug out holes or urine stains before he arrived. It still make’s me laugh thinking how he was this destructive little machine.

Since Ziggy was my first dog, i did not have a clue really on what to do. Well i might have done a ton of research about Pet care and what not but on actual i got nothing. During his first night here my wife said that we need to give him some bath and we did. I can remember how he was shivering from the cold and it looked like he could die in there and i was so worried i watched him sleep and put a blanket around him. He was really small back then as i can still remember how gently i did carried him and helped him settle in an old grocery packing box. Continue reading

What’s wrong with Miami’s back to back nba championship?

photo credits to bleacherreport website.

well atleast it's wrong in my opinion.

Ok, call me a hater now if you please because i know that vile in you is readily spewing to anyone who is logical enough or atleast is rational enough to not go by your pretentious cheer for this super team.

Now, set aside our emotions and let's put out our thinking hat. We surely agree that lebron is the greatest basketball player today, talentwise, sizewise no one can stop him. The only one can stop him is himself. He has, i'm not sure if you quite agree, a heart not well brought up to pump hard on the crucial moments of the game. The times when he needs to take charge and take over of the game, he chokes. I am sure deepdown inside him he knows this, and this is the very reason why he assembled this super team. Dwayne wade is always on the nba all team picks, bosh too and as if that's not enough he recruited Ray Allen. Ok you might say that i'm just jealous my team got weaklings but wrong, that's not the point. Continue reading

What is it that makes us happy?


this is the sort of question one asks when someone has encountered a road block to somewhat seem an endless happiness.
yeap. i'm not sure if i constructed that first sentence right, but i just wrote it and if you may, read that line again on Dr. Suresh' voice.  If you did not watch “Heroes” series then just forget about it.

ok. so what makes us happy?

we'll the answer ain't that really hard to find. i know for some people. Let's not look far and just look on what's infront of us at this time. Literally, our computers, well smartphones for some techies. Ok so let's open our favorite online hangout. which is? you guess it right. Facebook. just go over your newsfeed and there you can see endless posts which does at some extent signify happiness for some. There are exceptions though when some select few posts about rants and unluckiness, and unhappiness, and sadness and what have you. I understand them perfectly. Let's get back to the positive side, and let's look at the happy faces, the happy smiles. What do you see? You want to be in their shoes at that very moment. right?! Please tell me i am right? So there you go, I guess that's what happiness is or atleast that's what happiness is about. So let's have an example, actually let us have a lot of example and try to list them as guide to our quest for finding happiness.

Ok so someone post about eating a mouth watering food. Someone posts about her favorite shoes. Someone posts about their new house or new car. Someone posts about her favorite pet. Someones posts about him dating her pretty girlfriend and sometimes posting kissing her on her cheeks. Someone posts about excelling in his chosen sport. Someone posts about getting a high mark on an exam. Someone posts about achieving greatly in his career. Someone posts about listening to his favorite song. Someone posts about hanging out with his circle of friends. Someone posts about getting drunk. Someone posts about how lovable there pet is. Someone posts about getting together with his family. Someone posts about there newborn baby. Someone posts about their recently concluded vacation. Someone posts about landing his favorite surf trick. Someone posts about… well umm it's getting boring honestly but with the examples i pointed you have a clue about what happiness is and it should be clear by now right? Continue reading

my baby’s small hands and feet, immortalized


Last January, my wife saw a post in instagram showing what seems to be blocks of cements formed into cute little hands and feet. Kind of like the statues at the park only these are more realistic and more detailed. And what's great is that they look personalized rather than generic moldings that looks like no ones body part.

She was curious about how's it done and who's doing it and what's it for. She learned that those hands and feet are actually molded on the actual hands and feet of the instragram user's baby. It made her more interested and kind of gave her an idea that she wanted it for our baby glee. On facebook, she remembered one time seeing a post kind of related to it. She searched for this friend and this particular post and bingo that post was exactly about it. She learned it was called “lifecasting”, how that word came to fruition i have no idea, but that's what it is called. I'm quite confused about that term at first really because being a netizen, lifecasting has its different meaning. The lifecasting I know is like you are broadcasting your every move on your personal blog with real time videos or clips. Anyways enough of that, for the sake of this post let's refer to lifecasting as the act of making these molds.

My wife's next move was to read up on the link about lifecasting she found on facebook. They have a rather organized and informative facebook page and an equally useful personal website. There she learned about how's it done, who's doing it the pricing and the packages and of course how to get in touch with the people behind it. Learning many things about lifecasting made her more eager and seemingly decided that it's a must have thing for our baby. Continue reading

I beat Facebook’s identifying friends’ photo verification

…well sort of. 🙂


So recently someone asked me if I know anything about restoring facebook accounts. She said facebook kind of locked her account. She added that she could still use her login credentials to login to facebook but after the login page she is greeted by a certain account verification process. She described it as identifying your friends on photos. I told her that i haven’t encountered anything like that. I asked her if she violated any of the facebooks terms and she said maybe. She said maybe because she used a false name and that maybe because she carelessly confirm friend requests even to people she does not personally know. So being the IT guy I told her i’ll see what i can do but i won’t promise anything. I saw the worry on her face and the look of regret for losing a good year of data when she heard what i said.

Ok, so what I did is, just like everyone else(yes, you got it) I googled about it. I was surprise that there are a LOT of people complaining about this. Some reasoned that they have like 5000 friends and that they can’t memorize the faces of them all. Some also said the pictures that facebook asked to be indentified are not faces but places or things which of course makes it impossible for a user to identify. So to cut the long story short, I have not found any solution online. I’m not sure though, maybe it’s not just my google day. You know there are days which you are lucky to find quickly the solution using google and there are days that no matter what you do it’s not just there.

I don’t want to disappoint her. I need to think of a way to beat facebook’s system. While at the same time the pessimistic side of me kept saying that facebooks system is fool proof. I took it as a challenge. It was a good mind boggling problem solving session. I then formulate an approach and then because i know how to code I used it to my advantage. So if you ask me if I beat that feature of facebook, I can proudly say yes. Continue reading

malicious code on 1st line of all files


If you somehow came to this post searching for solution about that pesky malicious code which inserts some poorly encrypted php code on the first line on all(in some cases only a few) of your php files, then you somehow came to the correct page. Why only somehow? Maybe because as of posting time I still can not determine which particular script is causing the insertion of the malicious codes. I know the malicious code varies from site to site and it’s done on different ways. Whatever it is, they seem successful at it or not so, because when they add that pesky code chances are the site will halt and thus their code will fail to execute so they are not really that smart afterall.

Ok so enough of the rantings, i’ve written a quick php code to remove the pesky malicious code on the  first line added to all of your php files. Continue reading

the Resurrection!

This is not about our Lord Jesus Christ’s resurrection though but rather this blog’s resurrection. Yes, this blog has been burried into oblivion and was inactive or shall i say dead for a long period of time. Blame me, or blame facebook. Blame me coz’ maybe i got tired or maybe i got something else to do than sharing what’s happening to my life. Blame facebook coz my freetime is definitely consumed checking my friends status and activities now how sick is that huh?!

Anyways this blog first came to life back in 2007, i got some posts, meaningful post and i find joy reading them again or atleast going througgh the things happening on my life at that certain point. Sadly though, there are missing pieces on my life as far as this blog is concerned. since late 2008 i haven’t have written any updated to my blog till now. Although, i attempted to start another blog which was named which i made to dedicate to my then girlfriend now my wife but still it was short lived. Continue reading

Trying out and my first project

Selection_025After months(maybe years) of not getting into freelance works and not participating in bidding sites, I finally decided to test my bidding skills again and my ability to deliver perfect work to first time clients. Another thing also influenced me to venture out to freelancing again is that the company employing me at present is experiencing hardships. I’m thinking it’s the American economy or the global economy as a a matter of fact. I understand them afterall they are also people trapped in this socio-economic problem. Anyways, that’s certainly one of the reason, as you already know i needed some money to pay the bills and of course raise my cute daugher which have just completed her first month as of this writing. So yeah, i needed money. If i was single, i won’t ever work this hard. lol.

Ok so is really new to me. The reason I came accross this site is I have no choice. I was doing freelance jobs from before, and i was a little bit good there and got completed some really good projects which paid good. That wouldn’t be successful of course if not with the aid of the Almighty, as I always say I am not a good programmer but I am good at praying. Why? Simple, because when there is a daunting task or even easy ones I see to it that I ask God for help( Though sometimes if the task is really simple, I often forget to ask for help but needless to say I always give thanks). Ok so much for stuffs about my faith, I know you would not want any of that. Yeah i kinda know which one are my readers so I would not shove my faith on you guys, no worries. So back on the experience. At first it was really confusing geting used to  their system, though it is more user friendly with all the ajax effects and stuffs and all the graphical icons. before epitomize a classic simple but useful website. However with that said, I am in no way against how the current interface is created. In fact i am beginning to get used to it now and I am loving it. There is just one instance though, but i was just because i was too careless to read all the text in front of my face, where I took a test not knowing that I needed to pay $5. What the heck! Ok so if I know I would have paid $5 for a test i would have chosen the PHP exam, but instead by accident it was English 1. But anyways, i’m still glad i took that test though it was really easy I was not perfect but i’ve got a decent score of 95%. So yeah that was just once, and I think somehow it was for the better. I know it has a reason why taking that test happened. Continue reading

Ubuntu, Unity, Wine and the launcher icon problem

So let me start by saying i’m not in anyway an expert in ubuntu nor in linux or unix systems. I’m just a regular workstation user. Yes ubuntu is great as a work station as far as i am concerned. Though at times, you will need all your smarts if you really is into the minute details of the OS. For instance, there is this one bug I found out when i recently switch to ubuntu 12.10. Specifically when using Wine apps. Ok so when you install apps from wine it will be searchable in the “dash home” button, incase you don’t know which one is that, that’s the ubuntu logo on the top left of the launcher panel. Ok so if you click that, you can search there everything contained within your ubuntu installation. For instance, let’s use an app as an example, though i do not use it as filezilla is my choice, CuteFTP Pro. Ok so when you install cuteftp through wine you can search it in the dash home.

Continue reading

How’s my new year? seriously

Well seriously? ok, can’t remember when i am not. Ok so my new year went something like this… wait, wait, hold up. Shouldn’t I start by stating what happened in my life in 2012? I insist. Can’t do anything about it this is my space. Ok, so just a quick run down of what I did or what happened in 2012 as far as My limited memory is concerned. My then girlfriend now my wife Guia and me went to boracay then camiguin then in Palawan. I am not really sure about that though as currently im really sleepy coz it’s like 1am here, why am i still up late? Details later. Ok so in short we travelled well in 2012. In terms of health, i’ve had more trips to the doctor in 2012 compared to the preceeding years, maybe it’s understandable as I am getting older and my body kinda worn out by nature. I am not really sure, just a guess. We’ll that’s one of the not-goods in 2012 but im hoping i’ll be so much healthier this 2013 specially that I’m kinda working out my body now. ok so what else, ahh the most significant one, God gave us a child. A gift of life. Baby glee was born on Dec. 6. yes. Another thing is I got hitched. Meaning game over for me. I am married legally on the date of my wife’s birthday. July 25. Another is I gave something significant to my mama and papa, I had them built a small boarding house with 6 beds so they can have a sustainable source of income, though not that big but if handled properly i can see it generating around P10k a month. I think those are the really significant ones. There are some else like this blog is setup in 2012, pacman was KOd in 2012, got a heartbreaking loss on my nba team the boston celtics. Career wise? I can say not really a good year for me, i can do better I know with God’s help and grace but along the way something went wrong, My long time employer kinda like went shaky towards the later part of the year. I dont know if I contributed to the companies demise but I did my part to help maybe I’ve made my shares of mistakes too. On my spiritual life, My wife and I joined Couples for Christ where at first I was just forced in to it but later on it seems God worked or wanted me to join there with the group of people who openly profess their faith, which myself I do not do. I mean i am a bible reader and a FIRM believer in the powers of God. I love to pray but my worship skills seems kind lacking. Singing praises to God is fun. Praying together is great. Joining CFC was an eye opener for me plus you get to meet people from different walks of life and they have their own share of stories. I liked the open forum part. I never ever did something like that before and that new experience was really an awesome one for me. So I think that sums up my 2012 if every I’ll remember something worth adding here no worries I’ll just add a separte blog post about it and probably come up with a title like “Why did i forget that I did this in 2012”. So yeah that’s about it. Continue reading