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i can see clearly now na na na na…


I’m singing now and happily so because as that famous line says, i can see clearly now, but it’s not because of the rain or the clouds have left but it’s because i finally had the time to get my eyes checked. I knew something was wrong with them because reading letters from a distance are getting harder and harder and I can’t see the faces of people on the mall walking from a distance from me. Friends might have thought i was some sort of a snob if somehow i would not give a nod when we happen to come across at the mall but the truth is i can hardly see your faces. It’s like a big dot to me walking from a far. Continue reading

God’s not dead, must see for believers and none

God’s not dead 2014

I’m talking about this movie -> The title says it all and it’s what this movie is all about. The message is really simple, it makes us realize that God is there, that our God is real and that we should all be living for God and that everything here on earth is temporary. God should be our ultimate Goal, not wealth, not health and physique, not fame, not earthly happiness but a real relationship with God. Don’t get me wrong though, i do not mean that making money is bad, nor is working hard for your health to be better but if you let these things your purpose for living then you’re making a huge mistake. Some might argue that they want to be wealthy so that they can take care of there children’s future and that is correct, no arguments but in gaining this wealth are we sidetracking our relationship with God? You can have all the money and I guarantee you that without God’s blessing and grace your children’s future are not secured. How many rich kids life ended up in a complete mess? Talk about excessive partying, doing drugs and just living carelessly and happy-go-lucky. Now with all those money, yes you’re child seems happy living life to the fullest but are you really happy about it? Continue reading