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Happy Birthday Miness!


Happy birthday to my wife! yes today it is!

So if you have read an earlier blog i made about me needing help of what gift i’m gonna give to my wife and if you are curious what it is and how did it went then this is the blog post about it. 🙂

I remembered i wrote that blog like a month earlier to give me ample to time to buy the gift and maybe surprise her but it actually turned out me buying the gift like  only a day before or hours before her birthday.

I actually thought i won’t be able to give her any gift because i was running out of time and i didn’t quite have the time to sneak without her knowing i’m buying her a gift. Also, an unfortunate event has happened, she accidentally bumped a rock while driving our car and it made a really ugly dent. I was pissed off and really thought that she does not deserve any gift from me. Of course emotion was high at that time and i really did not meant what i said. Anyways the day after that incident, we went to the city to sign some documents and have the car checked by our dealer. I said that i’m gonna head home directly and just let her go alone to have the car checked to the dealer. That timing was perfect, and since she thought i was heading home, that gave me sometime to drop by to the mall and scout some gifts. Continue reading

New Shoes, New MILEStone

My  Skechers Go Run 2 - running shoes

My Skechers Go Run 2 – running shoes

I mentioned in one of my previous blogs that i am recently into this running activity. It appears i am going serious on it which is really what i want. The benefits of running are endless although there are cons.

So last week, i felt it’s cons. My knees are very sore after running like 5km on alternate days. I’ve read and researched about it and it turns out it maybe because of my feet and my shoes. I learned that i needed to know which type of feet do i have with a very simple wet test. Found out afterwards that i am flat footed, the arches on my feet is very low. Also by observing the wear on my shoes i found out that i am on overpronator, and that this motion is very prone to injury. I needed shoes specifically made for running. I wasted no time to browse the internet and read reviews and asked around. A friend also suggested a shoe and then when i read reviews to those who uses it, it turned out it was a great shoes and budget friendly compared to other brands. I end up buying the skechers Go Run 2, mind you, this is my most expensive shoe to date but compared to other brands it appears as a good bargain. Try to browse for running shoes with the brands Newton, Saucony, Brooks, Mizuno, or even Nike and you’ll see. I bought this pair for P4,395 and thankfully the guy at the cashier offered us a 10% discount if we avail for an SM advantage card and we did. Continue reading

My CLP experience

you got it right. CLP, it’s Christian life program. If you reached this blog you probably already heard of CLP through a friend who invited you or probably have read it on facebook on someone’s posting.

So what is CLP in a nutshell? firstly this is a religious activity, that’s a given. It consists of 13 weekdays, 1 day on each week for 13 weeks succession, that will require you to attend and sit down for like 2-3 hours of your time. So example if your CLP day is on a saturday then each saturday on the next 13 weeks you will devote it to CLP, most probably same time every saturday. What’s gonna happen on that 13 saturdays? On the first saturday, this is important, this is the Orientation. So for what it’s called, it is what it is. You’ll be oriented of what this CLP is all about and what you need to do and what you’ll expect and of course a lot of encouragement from the guys who already have finished CLP. I actually missed this orientation day for some reasons (how i regret it later though). The next 12 saturdays are like a seminar format, wherein they have a speaker, usually elder members of the couples for christ or priests, they call it talks. Each talks has different topics although they are inter related. They are all about the formation of couples, lives as individuals forming with God on the center. After each talks couples will be grouped, albeit separately. All husbands forms a group of 3-5 members same with wives. Husbands get to discuss with other husbands and wives get to discuss with other wives. Each group will have a discussion leader, they are usually elder members of the couples for Christ, not necessarily older but let’s think of them as the guys who also went to CLP 2-3 years before you. Then of course, since it’s a long talk and the members understandably will get hungry, and here’s my favorite part (kidding!) there is food. yummy delicious food. So to sum up, there’ll be talks, discussions, prayers and worship songs for 13 days spread on 13 weeks. Continue reading

fit? not yet


my 4km jogging route, as suggest by my friend and neighbor Allan

I started engaging myself in this physical fitness stuff around December of last year (2013) when i felt really weak physically and months earlier than that when a grasscutter said to our helper that he was contracted by that “fat guy” obviously referring to me as i was the one who requested for his services.  I looked at the mirror and i said, damn I am really fat. I checked the weighing scale for some second opinion and i am in excess of 160lbs and for a guy who is just barely 5’3″, that must be really fat? I checked my old pictures and wow i can’t believe my body grew to be this fat. I believe it started when we moved into a separate house with my wife because she can buy and eat what she wants when she wants to and me would willingly help her into any junk food or healthy food she can get her hands to and because i am prone to impulsive eating I end up eating significantly more than her. It could partly also because whenever we do groceries, i can’t help myself but by a pack of beer. It was like i wanna copy what the Americans does on tv, there fridge are always stocked with ice cold beer ready to be chugged anytime. Continue reading

gift o’ gift. any ideas?

care to help me what gift to put inside this box?

care to help me what gift to put inside this box?

In about 23 days from now, she’ll be celebrating her 29th birthday and we’ll be celebrating our 2nd civil wedding anniversary. It is an event for her and a big day really and she’ll be expecting something from me. I acknowledge that it is my rightful duty to give her a gift because she deserves it, really. She being nothing but a good wife for me and a good parent for glee, there are occasional clashes of differences between me and her but those are trivial and doesn’t count really on her real character. My wife i know this is a really advance post but i need to write this one down so that somehow if anyone gets to read this post maybe they can send me a comment or message me if they got any gift ideas. Continue reading