Monthly Archives: April 2014

A scary moment

Last, last week. It must have been on a thursday midnight, i woke up to the screams of my wife demanding me to start the car asap and we’ll gonna rush my baby daughter to the hospital. I was so rattled and scared and i don’t know how to react i even shouted like “hoooooaah” when i saw my baby girl having this convulsion thing, her arms shaking like i’ve never seen before, her legs was straight and her eyes kinda rolled back. I was scared and i literally did not know what to do, i tried to tell myself calm down and shit happens but my heart is racing and so is my mind. So what i did? unexpectedly, i calmly went to the bathroom and pissed and seemed like my body went to an auto calm state after the shock and when i’d finish pissing I heard my wife screams again and sort of cries and then my mind activated my body again and put it in a state of emergency, so i quickly get the keys to our gate and opened it as fast as I could and start the car in a span of like less than a minute and called my wife that everything’s ready and we’re gonna get our baby to the hospital and we’re gonna get the help we need. Continue reading