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Jesus and the samaritan woman at the well

Jesus and the samaritan woman at the well (image from

It’s been ages since i blogged or even attempted to, i sort of forgot about having the means to write something. Rightly so, if you read the “About Me” section directly on the right of this post, a descriptive phrase says “Forgetful blogger” 🙂

So today, I was having my “just recently started” Sunday morning ritual which is going to youtube to search for “the word exposed”. This video is produced by the Jesuits, it featured Cardinal Tagle of Manila doing some homily like discussion to the current Sunday’s gospel. I just found out about it accidentally, actually. I may have had stumbled upon it somewhere in my wife’s facebook or I think i was searching for Cardinal Tagle’s homilies and then i learned about this “the word exposed” youtube channel. It was love immediately, kind of like love at first sight but you get to watch the whole video first and understand it instead of just looking at it superficially. Continue reading