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Ask not what your country can do for you

…BUT what you can do for your country. – JFK

Sounds just about right. And perfectly so, everyone should adapt to this mantra, and i mean everyone.

But what if you have been doing your country every positive thing, giving your country all the praises and respect and honor and glory and what have you and then all of a sudden *bang* *thud* your beloved just kick your arse big time. How bad will that be? For me, it’s really bad to the point that i would think of changing my citizenship and do a gradual 360 and bash the SOBs big time. That’s just me though and please pardon my rhetoric.

Anyways, this seems what’s been happening to Manny Pacquiao these days, yeap the Filipino boxer who rose to worldwide stardom from the streets of Dadiangas. Everytime this guy fights and win (albeit losing some) the Philippine flag is displayed and waived honorably atop the ring and even accompanied by our National Anthem. That alone should be a big ticket for “special treatment” although i’m not saying(or implying) that it is correct and it should be done. Continue reading