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What’s wrong with Miami’s back to back nba championship?

photo credits to bleacherreport website.

well atleast it's wrong in my opinion.

Ok, call me a hater now if you please because i know that vile in you is readily spewing to anyone who is logical enough or atleast is rational enough to not go by your pretentious cheer for this super team.

Now, set aside our emotions and let's put out our thinking hat. We surely agree that lebron is the greatest basketball player today, talentwise, sizewise no one can stop him. The only one can stop him is himself. He has, i'm not sure if you quite agree, a heart not well brought up to pump hard on the crucial moments of the game. The times when he needs to take charge and take over of the game, he chokes. I am sure deepdown inside him he knows this, and this is the very reason why he assembled this super team. Dwayne wade is always on the nba all team picks, bosh too and as if that's not enough he recruited Ray Allen. Ok you might say that i'm just jealous my team got weaklings but wrong, that's not the point. Continue reading

What is it that makes us happy?


this is the sort of question one asks when someone has encountered a road block to somewhat seem an endless happiness.
yeap. i'm not sure if i constructed that first sentence right, but i just wrote it and if you may, read that line again on Dr. Suresh' voice.  If you did not watch “Heroes” series then just forget about it.

ok. so what makes us happy?

we'll the answer ain't that really hard to find. i know for some people. Let's not look far and just look on what's infront of us at this time. Literally, our computers, well smartphones for some techies. Ok so let's open our favorite online hangout. which is? you guess it right. Facebook. just go over your newsfeed and there you can see endless posts which does at some extent signify happiness for some. There are exceptions though when some select few posts about rants and unluckiness, and unhappiness, and sadness and what have you. I understand them perfectly. Let's get back to the positive side, and let's look at the happy faces, the happy smiles. What do you see? You want to be in their shoes at that very moment. right?! Please tell me i am right? So there you go, I guess that's what happiness is or atleast that's what happiness is about. So let's have an example, actually let us have a lot of example and try to list them as guide to our quest for finding happiness.

Ok so someone post about eating a mouth watering food. Someone posts about her favorite shoes. Someone posts about their new house or new car. Someone posts about her favorite pet. Someones posts about him dating her pretty girlfriend and sometimes posting kissing her on her cheeks. Someone posts about excelling in his chosen sport. Someone posts about getting a high mark on an exam. Someone posts about achieving greatly in his career. Someone posts about listening to his favorite song. Someone posts about hanging out with his circle of friends. Someone posts about getting drunk. Someone posts about how lovable there pet is. Someone posts about getting together with his family. Someone posts about there newborn baby. Someone posts about their recently concluded vacation. Someone posts about landing his favorite surf trick. Someone posts about… well umm it's getting boring honestly but with the examples i pointed you have a clue about what happiness is and it should be clear by now right? Continue reading