Monthly Archives: March 2013

my baby’s small hands and feet, immortalized


Last January, my wife saw a post in instagram showing what seems to be blocks of cements formed into cute little hands and feet. Kind of like the statues at the park only these are more realistic and more detailed. And what's great is that they look personalized rather than generic moldings that looks like no ones body part.

She was curious about how's it done and who's doing it and what's it for. She learned that those hands and feet are actually molded on the actual hands and feet of the instragram user's baby. It made her more interested and kind of gave her an idea that she wanted it for our baby glee. On facebook, she remembered one time seeing a post kind of related to it. She searched for this friend and this particular post and bingo that post was exactly about it. She learned it was called “lifecasting”, how that word came to fruition i have no idea, but that's what it is called. I'm quite confused about that term at first really because being a netizen, lifecasting has its different meaning. The lifecasting I know is like you are broadcasting your every move on your personal blog with real time videos or clips. Anyways enough of that, for the sake of this post let's refer to lifecasting as the act of making these molds.

My wife's next move was to read up on the link about lifecasting she found on facebook. They have a rather organized and informative facebook page and an equally useful personal website. There she learned about how's it done, who's doing it the pricing and the packages and of course how to get in touch with the people behind it. Learning many things about lifecasting made her more eager and seemingly decided that it's a must have thing for our baby. Continue reading