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The first time I came across was on TV. I think my wife was watching Princess and I at that particular time then on every commercial break the lazada ad caught my attention. Specifically the part where it said Cash on Delivery. I said to my wife, wow is that for real? So being in the internet 24/7 i quickly browsed their website. It did not take long for me to familiarize the websites interface, of course it helped that i am a web developer by profession, but the site has a simple yet very comprehensive layout. Kudos the guys who developed that site, you are online shopping cart masters without a doubt. So while browsing, many gadgets on sale where presented to me and seemed like tempting me like crazy. Though sorry to say, i can’t be tempted by these gadgets no more. Well honestly. i kinda talked to my wife about buying a macbook pro for apple apps development and I said to her lazada would be perfect as at that time there was somewhat of a discount though not much but still it’s a discount. My wife instantly trounced that idea, reasoning that we have a house to take care of. We still need to finance for the tiling of the floor and building of the fence and gates. So that idea was really shortlived but still i had fun browsing about the macbooks, asus laptops, and more gadgets that i think i can use but clearly the intention of buying is slim. Continue reading

The Family of Gift givers

We’ll as much as i want to claim that i’m talking about my family, the family i grew up with, sadly i am not. We just aren’t. Maybe because growing up we doesnt have much extra cash to spend or my Mama is simply too busy for wrapping gifts and my Papa, we’ll let’s just say his not into it. I don’t know if they were raised that way though, or it’s just the economy that pushed them not to be big on this gift giving business. In fairness to them i do remember receiving many gifts when i was like an early grader. Papa looks at my tests if I got 100 a G.I. Joe Automatically follows. Mama gave me and my siblings gifts too though she hates spending money on expensive items like the GI Joe i mentioned. This post is not really about them though because the topic here is about the habitual Christmas gift giving regardless of generation and age.

Ok so the family i’m talking about is my wife’s family. Yep Guia’s family, specifically the mother’s side. The Carmens. Maybe the Montejo’s too but i really did not get a chance to attend there christmas parties as most of them already are older than us. My wife’s father is the youngest of them siblings so it follows that Guia is one of the youngest among the Montejo Cousins but on the Carmen’s they are of the same ages. So there’s not much of a generation gap really. Continue reading

Trying out wordpress for iphone


Im currently laying down in bed w baby glee sound asleep on my chest. I am immobile at the moment, cant do nothin yet but wait for baby to wake up. So i took the initiative to try and atleast be productive. So i borrowed my wifes iphone and searched for wordpress in the appstore and alas i found one. It’s perfect. Though it’s A little tough to write with the iphones keyboard maybe im not just used to it but Levitra this will do. While baby is asleep it is the perfect time to write something to my blog. I know in time ill get used to typing to this iphone. Ill be faster i hope. Continue reading

CFC bible reading guide

This app is for those Couples for Christ members or just about anybody who wants to read the bible on a daily basis on an automated and electronic way. This requires you nothing but an email address and an internet connection of course. This service is 100% free. The readings were taken from the Bible Reading Guide given to us when we finished CLP. It contains bible verses which can be read from day 1 to day 365. What this app does is it emails you everyday the verses that is assigned on that particular day as specified in the CFC Bible reading guide.

I tested this app for 1 month now and so far it’s smooth so I decided that it’s ready to be published here in my blog and made known to the public. If you want to give it a try or if you have been searching for a service like this you can go to the app by visiting this link

Baby glee has arrived!

My wife, Guia and I, were expecting this baby around 1st week of December and her due date was Dec. 6 as estimated by her OBgyne and amazingly the OB got the date perfect. Baby glee was born last Dec. 6 2012. Glee is just her nickname, our daughter’s fullname is Ghleanna Makiyah Lambo which my wife personally picked. I picked another name though, but you know these pregnant mom’s it’s hard to argue with them. lol. I even sweet talked my wife to name her like 4 letters example “Thea”, how i arrived with that? secret. my wife knows. Anyways my wife wanted the name longer and hence that name was chosen.

Ok. So the arrival of baby glee was not so smooth sailing. Around 2 weeks prior to Guia’s delivery date her doctor IEd her and found out she was like 4cm something and so she was asked to be admitted immediately. Guia, being a nurse by profession, knew very well that she is not in feeling any symptoms or the labor pains yet so she postponed it thinking she will just feel it the following day. Days passed and she grew restless and worried why the baby hasn’t come out yet. I always tell her that baby comes out when the baby is ready. A line I got reading from yahoo answers of some experienced mother. That proved helpful. Continue reading

Pacman’s role reversal

Dec. 9, 2012(GMT+8, Philippine Time) the date of the downfall of the greatest Filipino boxer to ever donned gloves. Juan Manuel Marquez, Manny Pacquiao’s nemesis timed a perfect counter right straight to Manny’s jaw, squarely just below the lower lip and slightly above the chin. This punch caused Manny to lay motionless, face planted to the canvass and lungs clearly gasping for air. The scene was difficult to take specially that Pacquiao has become the nation’s sole flag carrier with regards to international sports. Filipino’s could just stare blankly on the screen with mouths wide open uttering jibberish sounds as the person they consider to embody them could get up no more. The Pacquiao era could very well be done.

What went wrong? Manny Pacquiao was heavily favored to KO Marquez. He was like a strong bull which no matador could tame but alas this bull could only attack so much and ran into real student of the sport and a genius at that. No question Marquez is no pushover, yes he is older than Manny  at 39 but as they say wine gets better when it has aged, same thing could be true for Marquez. This is the 4th time they fight, and this time Marquez made sure he has all the arsenals to defeat Pacquiao using the previous 3 encounters as his learning references. Marquez is just clearly better at this point. Plain and simple the better man won that night. Continue reading