Monthly Archives: November 2011

ningas kugon!

see, just as i expected, i only good at starting something. lol. but i am trying hard to change that.

how long since i last visited this blog, this blog haven’t even crossed my mind lately. but i admit yeah i’ve been ultra busy. i really mean it. yeah life is kinda complicated when you work at home and as a web developer, i mean c’mon all temptations are on the web and mixed that with liberty, i mean no boss around monitoring your every move then that could really spell disaster or lack of time management. yeah I admit, i have more time than most people but hey i’m not really good at managing it. but I am really trying hard to change that. but where do I start. i think i’ll start tomorrow, yeah tomorrow, i need to change my motto. something to the effect that states no time should be wasted. something like that. you got the idea. Continue reading