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fun @EK then to Vigan and Ilokandia part ii

ok. so since i have nothin’ to do at the moment and i have just done literally every instruction from Matt(our project manager) and more i guess it’s time that imma’ blog about the 2nd day of our trip.

On the 2nd day, after we slept like 4 hours? we wake up at around 7am?! We need to wake up like an hour earlier so we can still takeΒ  a bath and prepare before the Sogo attendant starts yanking at hour ears that it’s almost time. OK so we prepared Me first then took a while to get Guia started and then the motel attendant ringed the room phone and asked us the gtfo out of their room and so we did. So just a few walking blocks me and guia headed to McDonalds for some tight breakfast. She ordered umm’… hmm.. if i remembered it correctly a breakfast meal the one with egg and longganisa?? not sure though then i ordered a chicken fillet the square one that costs just roughly P50? yeah i think we ordered that along with some fries and a glass of coke. Yeah that should be our breakfast then. ok so while on breakfast, we like communicated with our travel buddies,updating them of where we are and where’s the next meeting point and then telling them where they should go or where we will meet. So then after some quick phone calls and some text message exchanges, we and them finally agreed to meet somewhere in MRT ayala if recalled it correctly. Continue reading

fun @EK then to Vigan and Ilokandia part i

i miss blogging already. i should have written while i was on the trip but i didnt coz i can’t. yeah i didn’t have the means, i didn’t bring any laptop or i don’t have a hightech mobile phone. simply i just didnt wanna bother myself writing while on the trip. yeah.

ok so we went on a short trip to Luzon, me and Guia with some of my college friends and acquaitances. Our friends went ahead of us so like hours ahead they fly to manila early morning while me and Guia were scheduled to fly later that night. It was quite frustrating that night as it rained very hard and we all knew how difficult it is to commute when it’s raining. So plans we’re altered Guia didn’t come here at my place and instead she took a taxi and just fetch me from the corner block. This time I was quite pissed about everything, like i have to walk some 500m to get to the fetching point, or just about everything. But gladly later that night i was calmed down, yeah Guia knew me, i will be pissed for like 5 seconds? and after that we can talk like nothing happened except for some really serious stuffs when Guia will start to cry and i will be like sorry as hell and guilty as a murderer caught in the act. Continue reading

fast yet long day

whew! yup. steve job died. i blogged about it already this morning ayt.

ok so whew. im kinda' happy now. i finished Matt's task. yeah, i sliced that PSD to joomla successfully. quite challenging since the native joomla menu was converted to accordion plus there is a jquery cycle for the frontpage banner. It was a little tough for me coz' im not really that adept into joomla development but now i am quickly harnessing the power of joomla. I believe i could be a joomla expert in like 2-3 more good joomla projects. lol. yeah i am confident. i know me. though sometimes when it's really tough i really feel the pressure, the stress, yeah my heart is like pounding and when i take a breather like smoke quick i feel some li'l pain in my chest like its quite difficult to breathe. i don't know if it's because of my occassional smoking though or if it's because my body doesnt like the pressure anymore. Continue reading

RIP Steve Apple

OK. so woke up. Got a message from guia and that she woke up early and cant sleep and is trying to sleep. But received that some 1 hour later so i figured she slept already. Sent a reply and told her i love her and miss her. yeah we do that often and you have no idea. πŸ™‚

So then logged in on gmail and saw some notifications from facebook that steve jobs yes mr. apple died. The genius. Arguably the most influential computer tech innovator of our time or perhaps of all time. That news didn't kinda shocked me considering i know the state of his health and what he's gone thru having that sick pancreatic thing going on and his being a fruitarian and recent resignation from apple as CEO. So it was all like expected but really his death made me feel like buying a macbook? like a sympathy to apple and steve. I mean this guy is the father of personal computer (yes! not bill gates). I might just buy a macbook one of these days just to show my respect and perhaps get a little taste of what i foresee as the last sensible and quality apple products that there will ever be. Continue reading

g'm0rning sunshine

owdy. yeah it's good to wake up once again. Thank God you are still breathing and that a day was again added to your life.

Ok, so ahh. i texted Guia saying good morning and i thought she was still asleep at that moment and i was right. I got her message on facebook later this morning and she doesn't feel well but i hope she does coz we are gonna be preparing for our manila trip. yeah. Continue reading

another stuff for this day

Hi there. so umm. yeah get used to my umms and uhh. coz i like to to add that to make my posts longer. kidding. So yeah, today was quite a long day but i accomplished a lot. finished some side projects with a long time client back in 2009 and i am not sure if he will pay me or if we are in good terms in the past but i figured i'll just do it coz it was quite doable. so yeap i did it in like 2 hours? but yeah a painful 2 hours. ok on my regular job, finished a revamp of a template not really major but umm it's complex in nature so much patching going on. also fixed some loose ends on a project that i worked which was transferred to a new server and now everything is running. I feel good knowing i cleaned up all of my task queue and hopefully tomorrow i'll feel more energetic to face new challenge at work. Continue reading

this blog’s 1st sunshine.

Good morning there! howdy! this one should just be quick as i have some PSDs to slice and get the ball rolling and hopefully finish this template or else our pm or the CEO would get rowdy. and oh did i mention that i work as a web developer? haha. of course you knew. lol. anyways so i got a good sleep. woke up on time. slept kinda late last night coz i watched some good 2 episodes of fringe. and it was the season ender for season1 and so it was interesting as hell and it made me watch two extra seasons for season2. well nothing gets more interesting than a season ender and the next season’s opener right? so yeah. all cool. i guess i need to work now, i’m gonna write some message to guia first and see how she’s doing over there and boom me needs to work my ass already. ok bye for now. πŸ™‚

technically 2nd, but yeah it’s my 1st post

Hey! waddup world. lol. im just talking to myself actually pretending to have millions of readers from the blogosphere. anyways, it’s been tooooo damn long since i’ve written something on a blog. i had a personal blog before which was shutdown due to me cutting ties with a previous employer and i do not know where he went and i did backup it but the domain expired and i kinda grew tired blogging. i felt like i was writing and writing for nothing. lol not really i find it fun sometimes reading what you did on the past, reading about how you felt what you did on that certain day or how your english sucks and how you misspelled the word or how you forget to construct straight english. But yes, that was about it my blog was gone. So why did i set a new one? we’ll i bought a domain name last year(save the domain name story later!) and then paypal kinda notified me that they deducted some $11 from my accout due to this domain name is auto renewed yearly from godaddy. and yes they did send some few reminder emails that they are about to get my money but i did not pay attention to it. So now that they already got the money from me i was like hey that was $11 and it’s money you know and i felt i needed to do something productive with my $11 so i setup this blog up. Got my account with godaddy and logged in and then figured i dont have a hosting no more so googled one up then a familiar site appeared. yeah byethost. Signed up did some configuration works and Boom i am writing now. actually it took sometime before wordpress uploaded and even the template so i am actually writing this in gEdit while waiting for the template to be uploaded. oh it looks like its finished uploading now so i’m gonna paste this now to wordpress so you, yes you, can read this nonsense post but don’t regret losing some 5mins of your time you’ll find it useful in the future maybe throw up some conversation with me like “hey your first blog post was funny” or more like “hey, you need to learn more english dude” haha! but bye for now. i’m hoping this is a good start again for blogging. so starting from today i’ll try to write as regularly as possible maybe i’ll start with a weekly post then slowly getting used to maybe like 1 post a day and i’ll see how this one goes. I’ll try linking this to someone else’s blog or maybe not we’ll see. time will tell. im kinda sleepy now and feels feverish so i’m gonna end this now and yeah buh bye. next time πŸ™‚ p.s. i hope byethost won’t delete this. pretty please.