Monthly Archives: April 2009

Don’t mind how i constructed that title its just how the scene releases for torrents are formatted and it quite affected my outlook towards arranging group of words.

And oh, the word greet. Its nothing, ahh… butt ahh.. umm.. yeah oh i remembered. tomorrow is the day. Yes tomorrow is my birth*UC*KINGday. and guess what? nahh.. theres nothing for you to guess. same fucking crap. Birthday is just a mark on a calendar year to remind you that your days are almost over. Oh gosh, i hope i am not writing my own premonition or else i could easily appear on TV as the man having predicted his destiny. Continue reading

Sandi’s Graduation Bash ‘09

first of all i want to congratulate my friend Sandi for finally making it to the finish line. “Human najud sho!” As we always say it. :) .

I sometimes kinda wished that i could graduate someday too but It seems its too elusive for me. Well there is work, there is the boredom of listening again to professors, you name it i just have many, many reasons not to finish college. :( But anyways, this post not about the graduation but its about what happened after the graduation. Yeah you heard it right, just moments after sandi sang their graduation song… Continue reading

I decrypted md5!

yeehaaaa!just this morning, i was thinking about random things to do. I cant remember why but i came and stumbled upon encryption methods and then it lead me to md5. Which is a very common one way encryption function that we use.  Most php scripts that i know uses this to encrypt passwords by users. Even without using salts this type of encryption alone is very secure. Now coupled with salt this is unbreakable.

I googled about it and checked whether someone in the www has already managed to break it. Alas! to my surprise there is still none. Wow! So I was challenged. But i was pessimistic and I just said to myself that there is no way i can decrypt it. I dont even know how that shit is made up. I dont know the basics behind its encryption algorithm. There was just no chance!  Continue reading