Monthly Archives: December 2008

movies, i just love all sorts of em’

yes truly… even before when i don’t have any privilege watching movies i can say that im already interested viewing them. I was really interested watching the teasers on tv and then unlimited scenarios about the film comes to my mind. May it be action, drama, love story(save horror) all of them drew interest on my mind. I always thought every movie being hyped on television are that great. So with all of you right? i would say almost all of you would love to watch movie everyday IF, and a very big IF you have a chance to watch em. This hobby is not really for someone whose lives a very fast paced lifestyle. You have to at least waste 2 hours of your life watching a movie which you are quite not sure if you will really live to like it or regret it. But what can we do, that’s just how it goes.

So anyways, i was just sharing or simply posting an entry to my blog and will involve a little bit bragging about my movie collection. Now you get the idea about why I am writing this. hehe. Continue reading

Wishes… just wish me luck…

Everyone has wishes, though some wont admit but I can say that subconsciously they have certain wishes. Certain small cravings or desires would already fall on the wishes category. On this point, i am not an exception. So yes, I do have some wishes. Afterall, wishes comes free. So we can wish all we want though at some point all are just as good as wishful thinking.

So heres my wishes, So Mr. Santa if you are reading my blog can you please grant em. Continue reading

my christmas saga (not interesting)

blog1.pngok so this is some sort of tale of how marco’s chrsitsmas was. i shall say it was eventful and at the same time very revealing. And oh, please take note im not sober while im writing this, but dont get me wrong its not the power of the alcohol that pushed me to write this stuff, Its just that theres something in my heart aching to write this historic(for me only) event.

so now, HOw the fuck did this all start. ok it started mid morning when i messaged a friend named francis in IM and I commented about his status which read “shit!!!!!!!!!!!” . I said, why in the world are you cussing very early in the morning? and he was like “its a shitty christmas today bro”. then i fuckin understand his sentiments. Especially when he bit on my joke about drinking. he was like “sure bro, after my duty”. Me thinking that’ll be all cool atleast i give homage to a friend who needs someone this christmas time. So hours past and boom! (it became koko crunch) it was already 2pm(our agreed meeting time) but rained poured heavily, as if the heavens is forbidding me to go out. Luckily, it subside after an hour, so I continued my journey to their place and we met and we drink some beer on a store on the next street and we were a little tipsy. Continue reading