Monthly Archives: May 2008

i've got a new skill

please don't be carried away by the title of this post. This is nothing special or extreme. Its not about programming nor about skateboarding.

Anyways you might want to take a look at this picture (sorry the image is too damn blurry) to have an idea of what I mean. So if you can see, it illustrates a drill bit, a concrete nail, a pencil and a handdrill. Now i hope thats interesting. But believe me its not.

ok. so yesterday it was sunday, and I learned a new skill. For the first time, i didnt rely on google to search for answers and how-to. I just relied on my instinct and a little knowledge of science. Though this is nowhere near to rocket science. Continue reading

tempus fugit

– a Latin expression meaning “time flees”.

So what's with the latin stuff? nothing I just tried a dramatic sounding title afterall this post is for my birthday. Yes, an increment again to my age. I celebrated it last april 30. Or not really a celebration because there was nothing special on that day except my mom bought A lechon manok, and A liempo and I treated them with ice cream(was it ube?) Ok it is special to me I was just joking ya' dig. So it was lunch time when we had this and it was ok, a mediocre one I should say. Continue reading