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Peep! peep!


Last week, we decided to buy a car, just a 2nd hand one, so we searched for an economical and not so classy car. In other words, just a simple one. The only requirement is as long as it is in running condition. So the other day, we have found one that suit our needs. Fortunately, when we brought an expert mechanic(our neighbor Edwin) which is a friend of my father to check the car he said it is in good condition and just having some minor glitches which were very manageable. So upon the recommendation of Edwin we bought it immediately. And because of the holidays(24&25), we need to wait 2 days so can withdraw money from the bank. Darn, the then owner doesnt accept anything but spot cash. phew. So it was yesterday that the car was officially signed off and is now sitting on our garage.

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ex-presidents combo

At last, I have found a copy of their songs over the internet (Christmas gift in disguise! ). This is my all-time favorite band back in my late highschool and early college days until unfortunately I lost my cassette tape of their album “Greatest Hits?”(twas' an original copy, ;-D ). I can remember a friend borrowing it from me and was never returned (can't blame the guy, he must've extremely liked it!). Anyways this band was of punk influence and their lyrics directed to a wasted, pissed lifestyle of a typical punk idividual( in my own humble opinion ).

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Davao People's Park

Last Saturday, a friend and I decided to visit people's park( formerly PTA grounds ) and witness firsthand its' glamor that has been buzzing within the local community. I've heard really good feedbacks from the folks who visited it and thats why I really got excited heading there.

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Packing Sheet performs "Marco!"

A Close friend's band had its Gig last friday(Dec. 14, 2008) at Cogot Resto Bar(near The Venue). From the video I had seen(thanx to Julie for sharing the video), it looks like they were really having fun. Sadly I couldn't be there because I have to attend to some prior commitments. I obviously regretted not joining that gig though. sigh!.

Please do check them out and listen to some crazy ska stuffs here( specially the “Marco!” track at 9:28 mark ).

Lead Vocals – Jomar
Lead Guitars – Francis
Bass – J.R.
Lead Guitars/Rhytms – Morn
Drummer – Domar

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shating!(drinking sessions) sa PAcifiC

Everytime I go out, like for once a week, its just for unwinding and releasing stress brought by work. Man it never is easy(though I know some who pretends) dealing with programming problems. Ill tell you, I came to a point wishing I had known to do other jobs. I dont know maybe its just me being such dumbass. But dont get me wrong, most of the time I really love coding and i think Im good at it. Anyways, topic seems going far from the subject line. So here it goes on the next paragraph.

This week, there is an event at USEP(the school which I became a dropout). its the combined intramurals and the schools foundation celebration. Having few friends still in there, I occasionally go there just to chit chat and do the stuffs that we used to. There is this store, which we are really fond of hanging out. It's named pacific owned by “Ate Clar”. Back then, when im still at college, long before ive had a job, I was already spending extra time here. And thus I made a lot of friends. My “Shating” mates. Now that im already out of school and so as my friends back then, I still chose to drink in this store. I dont know whats in this store but I really feel comfortable though it really look doesnt(peace!). And oh btw, its not like the blue post, station 91 kinda stuffs. Its like a sari-sari store. Continue reading

a helpful Yahoo IM Bug

Being online most of the time everyday, I never fail to login in my yahoo IM. It is like having your cellphone always turned on waiting for some good news. Thus this IM. I should say is part of my day to day life.

Though I find this IM almost perfect it still has minor glitches, most of which I think was fixed everytime they upgrade it to a higher version. Currently I am using Yahoo . Some of the bugs I could remember was you will appear offline to your friends though you have set your status to available. This brought me real problem at work before since my employer would think that I am not working since I am offline in yahoo. Another is that when you are hiding( setting status to invisible ) because you do not want to talk or is very busy at that point in time. The bug occurs when you will experience a fluctuation of your connection. When the messengers tries to login again ( which it does by default ) automatically you will lose your invisible status and thus your cloaking purpose will be vague at this point in time. You cant just turn invi again on your contacts or that will be a questionable move. Though currently, i do think these bugs are all fixed in version 8 and above.

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(yet another) 2008 Philippines Christmas

I just woke up and realize that its already December. The cold chills at night is now undeniably existing. Rain almost constantly pours night after night (how I wish it would be snow!). I also went to the Malls and just as what I expected, promos are here and there and everywhere. It will be also noticeable that people seems to grow more money into there pockets. Shopping bags are getting bigger and bigger. Well these are all signs that we are all set for another 2008 Philippine Christmas.