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Magdalo at Manila Penninsula Hotel

Earlier today, I was infront of the tv most of the time watching abs-cbn's live tv coverage about the movements of the Magdalo Rebels. It all started in the court hearing of the Magdalo guys at a certain courtroom at Makati. News says that there was a tension inside the courtroom and sparked the Magdalo personnels as well as their supposedly Military guards to walk out and then later calling out for the resignation of Pres. Arroyo. This move hours later turned into what we can call as coup d' etat. The group marched into the Manila Peninsula hotel and had a called a press-conference stating their intentions in going there. Again they are calling out for the President to step down. Then they occupied the hotel and stationed their armed comrades, guarding the key entry points. With this development, the AFP chief Gen. Esperon gave them an ultimatum to vacate the hotel premise and surrender. The deadline was 3pm. Tension is building nearing the deadline but still the Group refused to step down. From time to time they give statements to the mediamen about their plan of action and the current situation. Continue reading

the $300 touch screen FM radio

Well its not trully a radio. The title seems misleading but eventually it will not be.

It was when my cellphone was cracked. Literally cracked at the center. That cellphone being the slimmest of its kind. The Samsung SGHx820. It started to crack when I played basketball and I had it inside my right pocket. (yes im stupid for wearing it while playing!) I notice it after playing when I checked it for messages, to my surprise its once straight body now became curve. I felt like my spirit nearly jump out of my body. I cant imagine breaking it because of my stupidity. Gladly, when I attempted to turn it on It still was OK. No part of its software was damaged. All features are there and seems like nothing happend. (Now, thats one tough phone. probably tougher that my 5110 back in the days). Several days pass and everytime I go out and have it in my pocket. Its crack gets bigger and bigger and I did become scared that it will eventually split in 2. And because it is still working by any means, and only the look was altered due to the nasty crack I decided to let my mom use it and we swap phone. I got an old school sony Ericson which I eventually learned to use and appreciate it as a cellphone.

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my blog was noticed. :-)

I logged in today and I noticed a post which says what other blogs are saying about scriptlance linking into my blogsite. Then I checked it out. Here is the link. I was glad when I read that my blog was included in the post. At last someone other than me( and the spammers ) had managed to find my blog. Just Sharing.


UNsuccessful ComeBACK at School

This is a bad sem for me at school. I received a failing mark again in SAD( Systems Analysis and Design 2). This is the second time I failed on my bid to get a passing grade. I kinda reflected today about the sort of things I did before and this sem that made me fail on this subject twice. One maybe because I had absences. but who doesnt? oh wait. Yeah I know most of USEPians never fail to attend classes. Two because I do not study. but who does? oh, again. I remember they all study 1 minute before the quiz with that little paper, “kodigo” as they call it. And when the quiz starts no one bothers to hide it anymore as the teacher plays blind. Luckily for me I got to save PPT files on my phone. So everythings an ease. Another angle why I failed is a conspiracy theory. hehe. I remembered when I failed for the first time, I havent got many absences, I think I should have passed the quizzes, exams. But why did I fail? it was with the project and on the defense. They were criticizing the shit I did on our project. About how useless it is. About how someone like me could have done better. But what the FUCK. those were bullshits. Did they question theirselves whether or not they could done something like it. yeah I know, i know. they built an enrolment system. which as far as I am concerned is very shitty. Every enrolment time I could here some students saying that go upstairs to the db blah blah blah as the system cannot blah blah blah needs to be edited on the blah blah blah. I mean what the fuck is that? is that the system that they were basing to make my project fail. Well at least I fail on a project at school but Im proud to say I didnt fail on my projects on the real world. What a shame. developing a substandard software which is used by supposedly High Standard students. Oh wait, Sorry about that. I didnt mean this things. quite being emotional here. Shouldnt be like that. Anyway I didnt mention names so it could be somebody else.

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