Monthly Archives: June 2007

100 reviews


I am happy today as I got my 100th review in scriptlance. I got it in less than a year of hunting projects. I am so thankful to the webmasters who left nice reviews for me and also for entrusting their projects into my hands. Thanx guys.

This is the product of some sleepless nights and times where I am multitasking from one project to another. Dedicating enough time so I can beat the deadline.

Thanks also to the scriptlance guys. To Rene the CEO, your site rocks man!!!. It is a lot helpful to the IT world. To the helpdesk staffs, Sanjay and Jamsey, thanx for the fast reply on some problems. And to all manpower of SL, special thanx also to the guys who processes my checks. LOL.

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This year, I decided to take a lil break from freelancing. Well not really totally coz im still bagging some small projects from my clients. Anyways im enrolled this school year and back at USEPÂ taking classes again. Finishing the things I left off. Im currently at 4th year taking up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. This is were I learn to write my first codes, the loops, the conditions and the bunch of variables, My Basics, I owe it to Ma'am Maui, my programming professor, programming coach and now the dean of the IC department. I owe big time to this institution. If I wasnt enrolled here, I probably be nowhere to be found.

This year I think will be tough for me. Most my batch mates had graduated and have the label on their sleaves as IT professionals. It will be a big challenge for me to finish this one off and get my diploma at the end of the school year. I just hope my professors wouldn't take it tough on me( pleeeeease! ).

I enrolled SystemsAnalysis&Design 2, Software Enginerring 2, ROTC and the OJT. Technically, I think I can pass this with flying colors yet I dont know about my attitude. Sometimes i feel like not going to classes, feeling bored, a lil ashame as I think I dont belong there anymore. I think this will be the biggest factor I'll have to consider in passing my subjects. I just hope I can get a motivation or inspiration at school so I can have the drive to get it done. ( I'm thinking what/who will it be. LOL )

Wish me luck and may God help I.


the boys hit the newly opened Jollibee JP. Laurel

On our way home( after some drinking sessions ), my friend Sandy mentioned he has 2 discount coupon for the newly opened jollibee. And so we, feeling a bit hungry, without hesitation hit the fastfood. The food was great, hehehe.. i know its just the same old chicken joy eaten on a new spot. So nothing new incase of the food served, just the thought that its a newly opened store. Also sandy saw the lady at the registrar and waved. LOL. Anyways, we take the opportunity to get some pics with jollibee himself. ( hmmm.. is this my first pic with jollibee?!? )