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replacement laptop

I have to give up my HP dv1000 because of some malfunctions of its hardware. Specifically its fan don't turn on even if the cpu reaches high temperatures. We went to RASI(the store where i purchased it) to report that case but sad to say they said it will take almost two months coz they'll have to send it back to the HP service center at Manila. I cant afford that time, so with the help of my mother, we had convinced the owner or RASI to give us a replacement.
They replaced it with Asustek A8he, which should be a good workhorse. I read some reviews somewhere but I cant find it in CNET. Though i can feel it has suffcient power and can serve its purpose(plus the fan is doing great). So I had this one today after I added Php5k coz this unit costs a lil more than my HP.

Its specs are Pentium Dual Core T2060 1.6GHz, 1gigRam, 224shared vid, 80gig HD, multiDrive. I guess this is cool though that HP looks a whole lot better to the eye. Well for this one I can say it has a minimalistic design.
sp_a1034.jpg sp_a1033.jpg

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celebrated my birthday last April 30. I was with my friends and we had a long drinking session at Cogot (venue compound). Thanks to SanMig Light we didnt get drunk early. Well it was fun, nevertheless It was like a reunion for me and my buddies at USEP, my best buds at least. Thanx for your time guys, I really appreciate it. Thanks Dave, Domar, Sandi, Morn, Bordigs. I owe you one guys