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New Home for this blog

2015 New year’s day happened just a few weeks and there were tons of things I wanna write and share that happened on the months i did not touch this blog.  Primary reason i hesitate on writing is that this blog was hosted on a free hosting at Don’t get me wrong though, they gave me a truly excellent service as a free host and all of the items they stated as part of their free service was there and more. I can’t say anything bad about byet hosting in fact i can confidently say, and with a firsthand experience that arguably they offer the best free hosting service on the internet. I am speaking of course in terms of having a blog or personal websites which are written in PHP as it’s the only thing i tested. So all in all my experience was great and If i need a free hosting they’re my top choice. But then again as a free hosting it has it’s share of limitation, for one they only allow a certain amount of traffic per day and if your site reach that thresold your site will get suspended and re upped the following day when the traffic cap is reset and second big issue for me is the security, they would not be held liable if anything happens to your site, if it gets take down by stupid hackers then their hands are clean or if something goes awry and you lost all your data then they’ll have nothing to do with it. I am not sure though if this is really in their terms but that’s the way i see it. I mean, it’s free right, so you are entitled to NO help, you get your hosting as it is. So there, those reasons contributed why i hesitate to blog regularly and put tremendous effort in blogging. Continue reading

wow! my blog was hacked :D


the highlighted text are the code they added. although at this time I already commented it out

i don’t know how they were able to change my .htaccess but they did!

well this blog is running under a free host where i don’t spend a single cent so i am in no position to complain.

It’s possible that because this is on a shared server a hacker might have been able to gain access to one of those sites running in this server and was able to find his way through this blog.

anyways, what they did is they wrote a directive on my .htaccess file where it redirects all traffics coming from devices not considered a desktop or laptop! in short all mobile devices and what’s worst is it was some sort of a porn site! wow! we’ll this is what you get if you are a cheapskate like me. i guess i can’t do anything to harden the security of this website, i’ll just hope and pray that they’ll leave this blog alone and at the same time i’ll just have to check this from time to time and see if any quirks are going on.

I beat Facebook’s identifying friends’ photo verification

…well sort of. 🙂


So recently someone asked me if I know anything about restoring facebook accounts. She said facebook kind of locked her account. She added that she could still use her login credentials to login to facebook but after the login page she is greeted by a certain account verification process. She described it as identifying your friends on photos. I told her that i haven’t encountered anything like that. I asked her if she violated any of the facebooks terms and she said maybe. She said maybe because she used a false name and that maybe because she carelessly confirm friend requests even to people she does not personally know. So being the IT guy I told her i’ll see what i can do but i won’t promise anything. I saw the worry on her face and the look of regret for losing a good year of data when she heard what i said.

Ok, so what I did is, just like everyone else(yes, you got it) I googled about it. I was surprise that there are a LOT of people complaining about this. Some reasoned that they have like 5000 friends and that they can’t memorize the faces of them all. Some also said the pictures that facebook asked to be indentified are not faces but places or things which of course makes it impossible for a user to identify. So to cut the long story short, I have not found any solution online. I’m not sure though, maybe it’s not just my google day. You know there are days which you are lucky to find quickly the solution using google and there are days that no matter what you do it’s not just there.

I don’t want to disappoint her. I need to think of a way to beat facebook’s system. While at the same time the pessimistic side of me kept saying that facebooks system is fool proof. I took it as a challenge. It was a good mind boggling problem solving session. I then formulate an approach and then because i know how to code I used it to my advantage. So if you ask me if I beat that feature of facebook, I can proudly say yes. Continue reading

malicious code on 1st line of all files


If you somehow came to this post searching for solution about that pesky malicious code which inserts some poorly encrypted php code on the first line on all(in some cases only a few) of your php files, then you somehow came to the correct page. Why only somehow? Maybe because as of posting time I still can not determine which particular script is causing the insertion of the malicious codes. I know the malicious code varies from site to site and it’s done on different ways. Whatever it is, they seem successful at it or not so, because when they add that pesky code chances are the site will halt and thus their code will fail to execute so they are not really that smart afterall.

Ok so enough of the rantings, i’ve written a quick php code to remove the pesky malicious code on the  first line added to all of your php files. Continue reading

Ubuntu, Unity, Wine and the launcher icon problem

So let me start by saying i’m not in anyway an expert in ubuntu nor in linux or unix systems. I’m just a regular workstation user. Yes ubuntu is great as a work station as far as i am concerned. Though at times, you will need all your smarts if you really is into the minute details of the OS. For instance, there is this one bug I found out when i recently switch to ubuntu 12.10. Specifically when using Wine apps. Ok so when you install apps from wine it will be searchable in the “dash home” button, incase you don’t know which one is that, that’s the ubuntu logo on the top left of the launcher panel. Ok so if you click that, you can search there everything contained within your ubuntu installation. For instance, let’s use an app as an example, though i do not use it as filezilla is my choice, CuteFTP Pro. Ok so when you install cuteftp through wine you can search it in the dash home.

Continue reading

Trying out wordpress for iphone


Im currently laying down in bed w baby glee sound asleep on my chest. I am immobile at the moment, cant do nothin yet but wait for baby to wake up. So i took the initiative to try and atleast be productive. So i borrowed my wifes iphone and searched for wordpress in the appstore and alas i found one. It’s perfect. Though it’s A little tough to write with the iphones keyboard maybe im not just used to it but Levitra this will do. While baby is asleep it is the perfect time to write something to my blog. I know in time ill get used to typing to this iphone. Ill be faster i hope. Continue reading

CFC bible reading guide

This app is for those Couples for Christ members or just about anybody who wants to read the bible on a daily basis on an automated and electronic way. This requires you nothing but an email address and an internet connection of course. This service is 100% free. The readings were taken from the Bible Reading Guide given to us when we finished CLP. It contains bible verses which can be read from day 1 to day 365. What this app does is it emails you everyday the verses that is assigned on that particular day as specified in the CFC Bible reading guide.

I tested this app for 1 month now and so far it’s smooth so I decided that it’s ready to be published here in my blog and made known to the public. If you want to give it a try or if you have been searching for a service like this you can go to the app by visiting this link

facebook fever

yup2.. im on facebook now. After long years of refraining from joining any social networking or community sites I finally decided to signup and try out facebook. I didnt signup because i want to use those craps like connected with everyone and find someone crap, I just want to try out the now fastly growing facebook api. Facebook offers freedom for developers to build apps inside their facebook flatform. You have to let yourself be familiar with how facebook works, the modules, sections etc and most importantly how facebook works. In addition to their api, they have developed some facebook exclusive tags know as fbml and their javascript safe counterpart the fbjs which means facebook markup language and facebook javascript respectively. There are some couple others but just more advance but ill not go in to that. Continue reading

I decrypted md5!

yeehaaaa!just this morning, i was thinking about random things to do. I cant remember why but i came and stumbled upon encryption methods and then it lead me to md5. Which is a very common one way encryption function that we use.  Most php scripts that i know uses this to encrypt passwords by users. Even without using salts this type of encryption alone is very secure. Now coupled with salt this is unbreakable.

I googled about it and checked whether someone in the www has already managed to break it. Alas! to my surprise there is still none. Wow! So I was challenged. But i was pessimistic and I just said to myself that there is no way i can decrypt it. I dont even know how that shit is made up. I dont know the basics behind its encryption algorithm. There was just no chance!  Continue reading


By the looks of it, you seem to think that im writing another movie review. Err! This movies’ best days are now gone. So why the hell will I write something about it. Well maybe since it was memorable since my friends Airon, Domar was watching this film with me at Gaisano Mall. But nah! This post is not about that. I bet you can’t predict whats with the title and the poster unless it will be revealed to you in the succeeding paragraphs. But anyways, its not interesting at all. You might just be disappointed knowing what is this post about. I suggest you close this tab and navigate to your daily porn site routine. Im just kidding man! you know me.

OK. so after that long introduction which if we will sum it up the idea leads to nothing. in short, what a senseless intro have i written. damn!

Anyways, the keys where already pressed so lets just put it that way. And i can’t afford to erase em ya know. Those words came out spontaneously. What can i do. Continue reading