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the wheels on the bus go round and round

497338947_640Just a line from a nursery song my 2 year old so often asks me to load on youtube. Take note that unlike most kids, we decided to let her be ipad or tablet illeterate, meaning she can’t do what other kids of the same age can on these high tech gizmos. This post is not about that by the way, i just seem to have LSS of it somewhere at the back of my head and thus i see it fitting to be the title of my post.

What’s with the title? nothing special really, in fact you could take it as it is. Like the wheels on the bus, life seems going round and round. Sometimes it’s ironic to a point. Tides can quickly change and what people hate on the past they will love in the present and hate again in the future. I think it’s a given and obvious but I just felt the need to write about it from my perspective. Fact is, the only constant in this world is change, except maybe for Einsteins speed of light equation lol. Continue reading

Ask not what your country can do for you

…BUT what you can do for your country. – JFK

Sounds just about right. And perfectly so, everyone should adapt to this mantra, and i mean everyone.

But what if you have been doing your country every positive thing, giving your country all the praises and respect and honor and glory and what have you and then all of a sudden *bang* *thud* your beloved just kick your arse big time. How bad will that be? For me, it’s really bad to the point that i would think of changing my citizenship and do a gradual 360 and bash the SOBs big time. That’s just me though and please pardon my rhetoric.

Anyways, this seems what’s been happening to Manny Pacquiao these days, yeap the Filipino boxer who rose to worldwide stardom from the streets of Dadiangas. Everytime this guy fights and win (albeit losing some) the Philippine flag is displayed and waived honorably atop the ring and even accompanied by our National Anthem. That alone should be a big ticket for “special treatment” although i’m not saying(or implying) that it is correct and it should be done. Continue reading

What’s wrong with Miami’s back to back nba championship?

photo credits to bleacherreport website.

well atleast it's wrong in my opinion.

Ok, call me a hater now if you please because i know that vile in you is readily spewing to anyone who is logical enough or atleast is rational enough to not go by your pretentious cheer for this super team.

Now, set aside our emotions and let's put out our thinking hat. We surely agree that lebron is the greatest basketball player today, talentwise, sizewise no one can stop him. The only one can stop him is himself. He has, i'm not sure if you quite agree, a heart not well brought up to pump hard on the crucial moments of the game. The times when he needs to take charge and take over of the game, he chokes. I am sure deepdown inside him he knows this, and this is the very reason why he assembled this super team. Dwayne wade is always on the nba all team picks, bosh too and as if that's not enough he recruited Ray Allen. Ok you might say that i'm just jealous my team got weaklings but wrong, that's not the point. Continue reading

the Resurrection!

This is not about our Lord Jesus Christ’s resurrection though but rather this blog’s resurrection. Yes, this blog has been burried into oblivion and was inactive or shall i say dead for a long period of time. Blame me, or blame facebook. Blame me coz’ maybe i got tired or maybe i got something else to do than sharing what’s happening to my life. Blame facebook coz my freetime is definitely consumed checking my friends status and activities now how sick is that huh?!

Anyways this blog first came to life back in 2007, i got some posts, meaningful post and i find joy reading them again or atleast going througgh the things happening on my life at that certain point. Sadly though, there are missing pieces on my life as far as this blog is concerned. since late 2008 i haven’t have written any updated to my blog till now. Although, i attempted to start another blog which was named which i made to dedicate to my then girlfriend now my wife but still it was short lived. Continue reading

Trying out and my first project

Selection_025After months(maybe years) of not getting into freelance works and not participating in bidding sites, I finally decided to test my bidding skills again and my ability to deliver perfect work to first time clients. Another thing also influenced me to venture out to freelancing again is that the company employing me at present is experiencing hardships. I’m thinking it’s the American economy or the global economy as a a matter of fact. I understand them afterall they are also people trapped in this socio-economic problem. Anyways, that’s certainly one of the reason, as you already know i needed some money to pay the bills and of course raise my cute daugher which have just completed her first month as of this writing. So yeah, i needed money. If i was single, i won’t ever work this hard. lol.

Ok so is really new to me. The reason I came accross this site is I have no choice. I was doing freelance jobs from before, and i was a little bit good there and got completed some really good projects which paid good. That wouldn’t be successful of course if not with the aid of the Almighty, as I always say I am not a good programmer but I am good at praying. Why? Simple, because when there is a daunting task or even easy ones I see to it that I ask God for help( Though sometimes if the task is really simple, I often forget to ask for help but needless to say I always give thanks). Ok so much for stuffs about my faith, I know you would not want any of that. Yeah i kinda know which one are my readers so I would not shove my faith on you guys, no worries. So back on the experience. At first it was really confusing geting used to  their system, though it is more user friendly with all the ajax effects and stuffs and all the graphical icons. before epitomize a classic simple but useful website. However with that said, I am in no way against how the current interface is created. In fact i am beginning to get used to it now and I am loving it. There is just one instance though, but i was just because i was too careless to read all the text in front of my face, where I took a test not knowing that I needed to pay $5. What the heck! Ok so if I know I would have paid $5 for a test i would have chosen the PHP exam, but instead by accident it was English 1. But anyways, i’m still glad i took that test though it was really easy I was not perfect but i’ve got a decent score of 95%. So yeah that was just once, and I think somehow it was for the better. I know it has a reason why taking that test happened. Continue reading

this blog’s 1st sunshine.

Good morning there! howdy! this one should just be quick as i have some PSDs to slice and get the ball rolling and hopefully finish this template or else our pm or the CEO would get rowdy. and oh did i mention that i work as a web developer? haha. of course you knew. lol. anyways so i got a good sleep. woke up on time. slept kinda late last night coz i watched some good 2 episodes of fringe. and it was the season ender for season1 and so it was interesting as hell and it made me watch two extra seasons for season2. well nothing gets more interesting than a season ender and the next season’s opener right? so yeah. all cool. i guess i need to work now, i’m gonna write some message to guia first and see how she’s doing over there and boom me needs to work my ass already. ok bye for now. 🙂

technically 2nd, but yeah it’s my 1st post

Hey! waddup world. lol. im just talking to myself actually pretending to have millions of readers from the blogosphere. anyways, it’s been tooooo damn long since i’ve written something on a blog. i had a personal blog before which was shutdown due to me cutting ties with a previous employer and i do not know where he went and i did backup it but the domain expired and i kinda grew tired blogging. i felt like i was writing and writing for nothing. lol not really i find it fun sometimes reading what you did on the past, reading about how you felt what you did on that certain day or how your english sucks and how you misspelled the word or how you forget to construct straight english. But yes, that was about it my blog was gone. So why did i set a new one? we’ll i bought a domain name last year(save the domain name story later!) and then paypal kinda notified me that they deducted some $11 from my accout due to this domain name is auto renewed yearly from godaddy. and yes they did send some few reminder emails that they are about to get my money but i did not pay attention to it. So now that they already got the money from me i was like hey that was $11 and it’s money you know and i felt i needed to do something productive with my $11 so i setup this blog up. Got my account with godaddy and logged in and then figured i dont have a hosting no more so googled one up then a familiar site appeared. yeah byethost. Signed up did some configuration works and Boom i am writing now. actually it took sometime before wordpress uploaded and even the template so i am actually writing this in gEdit while waiting for the template to be uploaded. oh it looks like its finished uploading now so i’m gonna paste this now to wordpress so you, yes you, can read this nonsense post but don’t regret losing some 5mins of your time you’ll find it useful in the future maybe throw up some conversation with me like “hey your first blog post was funny” or more like “hey, you need to learn more english dude” haha! but bye for now. i’m hoping this is a good start again for blogging. so starting from today i’ll try to write as regularly as possible maybe i’ll start with a weekly post then slowly getting used to maybe like 1 post a day and i’ll see how this one goes. I’ll try linking this to someone else’s blog or maybe not we’ll see. time will tell. im kinda sleepy now and feels feverish so i’m gonna end this now and yeah buh bye. next time 🙂 p.s. i hope byethost won’t delete this. pretty please.