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fun @EK then to Vigan and Ilokandia part ii

ok. so since i have nothin’ to do at the moment and i have just done literally every instruction from Matt(our project manager) and more i guess it’s time that imma’ blog about the 2nd day of our trip.

On the 2nd day, after we slept like 4 hours? we wake up at around 7am?! We need to wake up like an hour earlier so we can still takeĀ  a bath and prepare before the Sogo attendant starts yanking at hour ears that it’s almost time. OK so we prepared Me first then took a while to get Guia started and then the motel attendant ringed the room phone and asked us the gtfo out of their room and so we did. So just a few walking blocks me and guia headed to McDonalds for some tight breakfast. She ordered umm’… hmm.. if i remembered it correctly a breakfast meal the one with egg and longganisa?? not sure though then i ordered a chicken fillet the square one that costs just roughly P50? yeah i think we ordered that along with some fries and a glass of coke. Yeah that should be our breakfast then. ok so while on breakfast, we like communicated with our travel buddies,updating them of where we are and where’s the next meeting point and then telling them where they should go or where we will meet. So then after some quick phone calls and some text message exchanges, we and them finally agreed to meet somewhere in MRT ayala if recalled it correctly. Continue reading

fun @EK then to Vigan and Ilokandia part i

i miss blogging already. i should have written while i was on the trip but i didnt coz i can’t. yeah i didn’t have the means, i didn’t bring any laptop or i don’t have a hightech mobile phone. simply i just didnt wanna bother myself writing while on the trip. yeah.

ok so we went on a short trip to Luzon, me and Guia with some of my college friends and acquaitances. Our friends went ahead of us so like hours ahead they fly to manila early morning while me and Guia were scheduled to fly later that night. It was quite frustrating that night as it rained very hard and we all knew how difficult it is to commute when it’s raining. So plans we’re altered Guia didn’t come here at my place and instead she took a taxi and just fetch me from the corner block. This time I was quite pissed about everything, like i have to walk some 500m to get to the fetching point, or just about everything. But gladly later that night i was calmed down, yeah Guia knew me, i will be pissed for like 5 seconds? and after that we can talk like nothing happened except for some really serious stuffs when Guia will start to cry and i will be like sorry as hell and guilty as a murderer caught in the act. Continue reading