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My First Fun Run

L-R: My Wife Guia, Me, Lynx (friend of my wife), our daughter glee piggybacking, @jollibee family fun run 2014 Aug 10

L-R: My Wife Guia, Me, Lynx (friend of my wife), our daughter glee piggybacking, @jollibee family fun run 2014 Aug 10

A night before the fun run, i felt really excited and nervous at the same time. I had run 10km only once and it was just a relax run not really something of a race effort. In my head i kept on saying what if I end up really winded and not being able to finish it and what if i collapse due to exhaustion there are many ifs in my mind. I didn’t sleep well that night, maybe i managed to sleep like 5 hours tops, i wake up really early, more or less 3am in the morning. When i decided that i needed to get up already and prepare i felt some energy that surge in my body, I felt like i was ready. I was well rested because i haven’t run for 5 days before the race. There were 0 pains in my legs. I feel so fresh coming to the race.

So we headed to NCCC mall, that’s the venue of the race and the starting line, with my wife and her friend and with our baby daughter glee who was still half asleep in the car. They we’re running too but only 3k and they brought a stroller where our daughter would just sit and my wife pushing the stroller throughout the length of their race. I went ahead and run earlier than them because i’m gunning for 10k so our gun start was an hour earlier than them. So i went to the crowd, then have my race details checked and then i heard the call for all the 10k runners. I then headed to the assembly area with the runners who are also participating. I had no running buddy with me so i just stood at the corner listening to some songs from my phone. I also whispered my prayers and asks for his guidance and protection while running. Continue reading

New Shoes, New MILEStone

My  Skechers Go Run 2 - running shoes

My Skechers Go Run 2 – running shoes

I mentioned in one of my previous blogs that i am recently into this running activity. It appears i am going serious on it which is really what i want. The benefits of running are endless although there are cons.

So last week, i felt it’s cons. My knees are very sore after running like 5km on alternate days. I’ve read and researched about it and it turns out it maybe because of my feet and my shoes. I learned that i needed to know which type of feet do i have with a very simple wet test. Found out afterwards that i am flat footed, the arches on my feet is very low. Also by observing the wear on my shoes i found out that i am on overpronator, and that this motion is very prone to injury. I needed shoes specifically made for running. I wasted no time to browse the internet and read reviews and asked around. A friend also suggested a shoe and then when i read reviews to those who uses it, it turned out it was a great shoes and budget friendly compared to other brands. I end up buying the skechers Go Run 2, mind you, this is my most expensive shoe to date but compared to other brands it appears as a good bargain. Try to browse for running shoes with the brands Newton, Saucony, Brooks, Mizuno, or even Nike and you’ll see. I bought this pair for P4,395 and thankfully the guy at the cashier offered us a 10% discount if we avail for an SM advantage card and we did. Continue reading