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facebook fever

yup2.. im on facebook now. After long years of refraining from joining any social networking or community sites I finally decided to signup and try out facebook. I didnt signup because i want to use those craps like connected with everyone and find someone crap, I just want to try out the now fastly growing facebook api. Facebook offers freedom for developers to build apps inside their facebook flatform. You have to let yourself be familiar with how facebook works, the modules, sections etc and most importantly how facebook works. In addition to their api, they have developed some facebook exclusive tags know as fbml and their javascript safe counterpart the fbjs which means facebook markup language and facebook javascript respectively. There are some couple others but just more advance but ill not go in to that. Continue reading

I decrypted md5!

yeehaaaa!just this morning, i was thinking about random things to do. I cant remember why but i came and stumbled upon encryption methods and then it lead me to md5. Which is a very common one way encryption function that we use.  Most php scripts that i know uses this to encrypt passwords by users. Even without using salts this type of encryption alone is very secure. Now coupled with salt this is unbreakable.

I googled about it and checked whether someone in the www has already managed to break it. Alas! to my surprise there is still none. Wow! So I was challenged. But i was pessimistic and I just said to myself that there is no way i can decrypt it. I dont even know how that shit is made up. I dont know the basics behind its encryption algorithm. There was just no chance!  Continue reading

top15 unexpectedly

holly molly!… i was just amazed today knowing that i break again into top 15 in the scriptlance ranking… The last time I remembered some friends told me why I lost my ranking. Then i told them it was because i wasnt as active recently as i was before since im in a rest mode. But then again this past weeks, many clients went on my way and requested projects to be done and so I was up for the challenge and there it Go. Gladly i finished the projects with the help and grace of the almighty God. Thanks God for giving me the courage to never back down on the projects though it seemed impossible for me to do them!

I would like to thank also the buyers who never doubted my skills and dedication. Also to the scriptlance staff, Rene for having this great website. Also for all those who never believed me you guys made me work extra hard. Also i would like to thank the competition in Scriptlance, you guys make me outbid you everytime you outbid me on some project i love to do. Continue reading