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Sandi’s Graduation Bash ‘09

first of all i want to congratulate my friend Sandi for finally making it to the finish line. “Human najud sho!” As we always say it. :) .

I sometimes kinda wished that i could graduate someday too but It seems its too elusive for me. Well there is work, there is the boredom of listening again to professors, you name it i just have many, many reasons not to finish college. :( But anyways, this post not about the graduation but its about what happened after the graduation. Yeah you heard it right, just moments after sandi sang their graduation song… Continue reading

New Deck and Trucks.. yeehaaaa!


I ordered a new skateboard deck and trucks yesterday, it was supposedly last sunday but the store owner was still on holiday, and the package arrived today. I ordered in online at Jackass Project Skateshop. The transaction was smooth and have no problem on the orders at all. You might wonder and ask why do i have to buy online. well its for the simple reason that there are no stores that sell original skateboards here in davao. The last time I checked Melrose Davao was closed i just dont know if it was a case of bankruptcy. Continue reading

Another Music Video (amv)

Hi guys, its been quite a while since i have last update my blog. I had very busy days this past weeks and so I havent find any time to post here.

Anyways, this post is nothing except to publish another music video that I created. Video Editing is beginning to become a hobby of mine and I wont be surprised if I end up editing lots of videos because it really is fun. Although its time consuming but the end results will pay off. Now i think im improving, though i think i need to read the basics of directing and filming. But nah, i dont know.

So ok, here is the video. “Love Story for you” By: Marciano and the Missing Enalah

Peep! peep!


Last week, we decided to buy a car, just a 2nd hand one, so we searched for an economical and not so classy car. In other words, just a simple one. The only requirement is as long as it is in running condition. So the other day, we have found one that suit our needs. Fortunately, when we brought an expert mechanic(our neighbor Edwin) which is a friend of my father to check the car he said it is in good condition and just having some minor glitches which were very manageable. So upon the recommendation of Edwin we bought it immediately. And because of the holidays(24&25), we need to wait 2 days so can withdraw money from the bank. Darn, the then owner doesnt accept anything but spot cash. phew. So it was yesterday that the car was officially signed off and is now sitting on our garage.

Continue reading



Last week, I spent 20hours sitting on a chair while waiting for my hair to be all dreadlocked. It was a real fun experience. The process was actually therapeutic to the head except for the fact that youll end up having a stiff neck for long hours of no neck motion.

We had videotaped some of the happenings. See it here: , ,

Thanx to Arn, The rastaman who helped dreadlocked my hair, and to Morn for sharing a spot in his place for us.