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this song was written by a good friend morn.

he said he dedicated this to a girl who caught his eyes and unfortunately she is nowhere to be found. how sad. πŸ™

we’ve decided to shoot a music video for it and I directed/edited it. The plan was good but it turned out we don’t have much time and so the latter part where stuffed with unrelated clips.

i’ve also included some of our skateboard clips with me and dave skating after 3 years of not riding a board. Gladly i can still do some 5050s. lol.

so here it is and check it out. and oh please dont hesitate to leave your negative comments.

negative comments usually are truthful than the positive ones. lol

Another Music Video (amv)

Hi guys, its been quite a while since i have last update my blog. I had very busy days this past weeks and so I havent find any time to post here.

Anyways, this post is nothing except to publish another music video that I created. Video Editing is beginning to become a hobby of mine and I wont be surprised if I end up editing lots of videos because it really is fun. Although its time consuming but the end results will pay off. Now i think im improving, though i think i need to read the basics of directing and filming. But nah, i dont know.

So ok, here is the video. “Love Story for you” By: Marciano and the Missing Enalah

aftermath (just dont mind my title!)

Whew. Its quite some time since I last updated my blog. I really find it hard to write when you don’t have the inspiration. Writing for me has never been a piece of cake. I always hated this part even in my student days.

Anyways, this post is not about that one. I am just putting some words here just to accompany the video that I will post.

Ok. we had great fun last night. It was on that place infront of nccc mall, the beerhouse there( sorry i really forgot the name, something like “yatis!” lol ). It was a sort of a get together/reunion type for the cerveo boys with sir dennis leading the pack. It was fun, I had fun, I think Ron had fun too and I just hope everybody had fun as well. Ok bottomline, its was a party!

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Canceling Christmas by Michelle Featherstone

I was watching smallville season 7 episode 9 “Gemini” today, just a few hours before this posting,and I noticed this song in a scene where Julian Luthor/Gran Gabriel breaks up(probably it has something to do with him knowing that hes just a clone) with Lois on her own place. The song perfectly fits that particular scene and I was like “WoW, its been a while since I noticed some great sound tracks”. So what I did is i repeated that particular scene and listened to some of the lines of the song and then I googled it. I thought it was a long time famous song that had just not reached(being thousand miles away from US) my ears. Then when i googled some phrases from its lyrics i was quite surprised not seeing relevant results. Thus what I did isΓ‚ guessed for its title and I came up with “Im cancelling christmas this year”(take note of my wrong spelling). Then googled it again, this time i was happy that somebody posted something similar to my query in yahoo answers and I was glad that it was answered and it lead me to Michelle Featherstone's personal site on her news section. This was the actual link i got from the yahoo answers, So I visited the site and browsed the pages so I can have an idea where to hear the full song. Then I figured she has not yet uploaded the song on her site but it was online on her myspace page which is here out thru google). So I was so relieved hearing the full song on her myspace page. It indeed was music to my ears.

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reminiscing my dreads


Jah! Rastafari.

Being a reggae fanatic(just a rastaman wanna be), listening to music in this genre is part of my daily routine. I dont know what it is with reggae but there something about it that my ears always long to hear. It maybe the deepness of its lyrics accompanied with its tune signifying blues rhythm. In short i really like this music. But im no hypocrite music lover, i do listen to boybands and the likes depending on my mood. By the way, Michael Learns to Rock rocks!

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ex-presidents combo

At last, I have found a copy of their songs over the internet (Christmas gift in disguise! ). This is my all-time favorite band back in my late highschool and early college days until unfortunately I lost my cassette tape of their album “Greatest Hits?”(twas' an original copy, ;-D ). I can remember a friend borrowing it from me and was never returned (can't blame the guy, he must've extremely liked it!). Anyways this band was of punk influence and their lyrics directed to a wasted, pissed lifestyle of a typical punk idividual( in my own humble opinion ).

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Packing Sheet performs "Marco!"

A Close friend's band had its Gig last friday(Dec. 14, 2008) at Cogot Resto Bar(near The Venue). From the video I had seen(thanx to Julie for sharing the video), it looks like they were really having fun. Sadly I couldn't be there because I have to attend to some prior commitments. I obviously regretted not joining that gig though. sigh!.

Please do check them out and listen to some crazy ska stuffs here( specially the “Marco!” track at 9:28 mark ).

Lead Vocals – Jomar
Lead Guitars – Francis
Bass – J.R.
Lead Guitars/Rhytms – Morn
Drummer – Domar

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