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God’s not dead, must see for believers and none

God’s not dead 2014

I’m talking about this movie -> The title says it all and it’s what this movie is all about. The message is really simple, it makes us realize that God is there, that our God is real and that we should all be living for God and that everything here on earth is temporary. God should be our ultimate Goal, not wealth, not health and physique, not fame, not earthly happiness but a real relationship with God. Don’t get me wrong though, i do not mean that making money is bad, nor is working hard for your health to be better but if you let these things your purpose for living then you’re making a huge mistake. Some might argue that they want to be wealthy so that they can take care of there children’s future and that is correct, no arguments but in gaining this wealth are we sidetracking our relationship with God? You can have all the money and I guarantee you that without God’s blessing and grace your children’s future are not secured. How many rich kids life ended up in a complete mess? Talk about excessive partying, doing drugs and just living carelessly and happy-go-lucky. Now with all those money, yes you’re child seems happy living life to the fullest but are you really happy about it? Continue reading

movies, i just love all sorts of em’

yes truly… even before when i don’t have any privilege watching movies i can say that im already interested viewing them. I was really interested watching the teasers on tv and then unlimited scenarios about the film comes to my mind. May it be action, drama, love story(save horror) all of them drew interest on my mind. I always thought every movie being hyped on television are that great. So with all of you right? i would say almost all of you would love to watch movie everyday IF, and a very big IF you have a chance to watch em. This hobby is not really for someone whose lives a very fast paced lifestyle. You have to at least waste 2 hours of your life watching a movie which you are quite not sure if you will really live to like it or regret it. But what can we do, that’s just how it goes.

So anyways, i was just sharing or simply posting an entry to my blog and will involve a little bit bragging about my movie collection. Now you get the idea about why I am writing this. hehe. Continue reading

A Serious Challenge in faith

richard dawkinschristBrian Flemming

While googling some documentaries by discovery channel I stumbled upon a site which compiles videos on different kind of documentaries. They show free documentaries of on different categories for free. I watched the Lost Pyramids of Caral and Unconvering Atlantis docu’s which were both very informative and revealing. It honestly made me wanna go back to school and study archeology quite a bit. That 2 hours of viewing was a really great experience.

After finishing the two films, It made me quench form more. I tried clicking on other categories to search for some interesting topics to watch. Then a title caught my attention. It was under the religion section. It was titled “The God Delusional”. A 2 part series that has a play time of approximately 2 hours and so I decided to check on it knowing it will be a good past time and I’m really interested on the scientific view about God. I watched this film setting aside my bias about my faith and so my mindset was neutral( I honestly don’t know how neutral considering I have a strong faith ). I tried to view each revelation on this film as objective as possible. I tried to understand the message that they are trying to give out as unbiased as I could. I honestly would say this film brought shivers to my spine. The guys on this film are so damn good about what they are doing that whatever arguments you can think of to counter their statements would just appear dumb and plain stupid. Continue reading

My.Movie.Review: PS I love You

OK, Another movie review from me. Hopefully this one turns out good. This will just be fast as i think im not in the mood to write and I just did coz i was suppose to write this review last monday but I didn't.

So this movie is obviously a love story(you probably noticed in the title). This is about a widow(Hilary Swank) who had herself fixed with the help of the letters given by her dead husband. Continue reading

My.Movie.Review: Horton Hears a who

Today examining my head for some things to ponder, I bumped up on this idea about movies. Then I realized I am becoming a movie junkie. Im always watching movies every time I have some spare time. So I decided to share this part of my life here in my blog, since if you had notice this blog is about my life, music and of course the web where this one obvioulsy resides.


So to start, I picked the movie I watched recently(just yesterday). The movie is entitled “Horton Hears a who”. Also, i don’t want to put on record where I get my movies since I already have a few hundreds burned in 5s in 4.7g dvds and I don’t want to be labeled anything(say pirate as an example). But just to give you a clue I just visit the site or and downloaded Utorrent so from them you can obviously have a solid guess. And also, I do not watch cams or telesyncs. I prefer DVDRips, specially from aXXo. Take note I didn’t mention I downloaded anything! Continue reading