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Book Review: Swift for the Really impatient

Photo Jan 03, 3 19 31 PM
I was one of the lucky ones who got to read this book early and so I decided to write a review for the benefit of my fellow developers out there, specially those who are trying to shift from web to mobile particulary in iOS development. I am writing this review in a PHP programmers perspective, I am a seasoned web developer but i have zero experience in mobile. With that said, i have already a deep understanding of how programming works and knows the usual syntaxes and workflows.

Ok, so what’s good with this book? as the book title suggests it’s really for those impatient ones who virtually have no time to dedicate in deeper reading or learning the language and wants to learn it on the fly but just needs some base. This book is not for everyone. If you have zero experience in programming and want to learn swift, you will have a hard time understanding the concepts presented in this book. Continue reading

wow! my blog was hacked :D


the highlighted text are the code they added. although at this time I already commented it out

i don’t know how they were able to change my .htaccess but they did!

well this blog is running under a free host where i don’t spend a single cent so i am in no position to complain.

It’s possible that because this is on a shared server a hacker might have been able to gain access to one of those sites running in this server and was able to find his way through this blog.

anyways, what they did is they wrote a directive on my .htaccess file where it redirects all traffics coming from devices not considered a desktop or laptop! in short all mobile devices and what’s worst is it was some sort of a porn site! wow! we’ll this is what you get if you are a cheapskate like me. i guess i can’t do anything to harden the security of this website, i’ll just hope and pray that they’ll leave this blog alone and at the same time i’ll just have to check this from time to time and see if any quirks are going on.

Life – FB = refreshed

15 days ago, for some odd reasons, partly maybe because of my grief to my dog who just died at that time, I decided to do the unthinkable. *SOUND INTRO* *TADA*ย  … I blocked facebook in my desktop! yes really, sounds crazy or dramatic or call it what you may but yes i blocked facebook! Some will maybe raise an eyebrow and will say that i can’t sustain this craziness and maybe one day i will login and post a stupid status updated. They maybe right but then again they maybe wrong too. Nobody knows what the future holds and that is a fact but what’s real at the moment though is that you can’t login to facebook using my desktop. You can login using you cellphones or laptops because i did not block it in my router so in essence if i wanted to i can still login to facebook. I just needed to do this first step to unshackle my life from what seems to be over information brought about reading anything and everything on facebook. Before anything else you might want to look at the screenshot of how my monitor looks like when you are trying to access facebook.

Screenshot from 2013-10-30 05:48:01 Continue reading

I beat Facebook’s identifying friends’ photo verification

…well sort of. ๐Ÿ™‚


So recently someone asked me if I know anything about restoring facebook accounts. She said facebook kind of locked her account. She added that she could still use her login credentials to login to facebook but after the login page she is greeted by a certain account verification process. She described it as identifying your friends on photos. I told her that i haven’t encountered anything like that. I asked her if she violated any of the facebooks terms and she said maybe. She said maybe because she used a false name and that maybe because she carelessly confirm friend requests even to people she does not personally know. So being the IT guy I told her i’ll see what i can do but i won’t promise anything. I saw the worry on her face and the look of regret for losing a good year of data when she heard what i said.

Ok, so what I did is, just like everyone else(yes, you got it) I googled about it. I was surprise that there are a LOT of people complaining about this. Some reasoned that they have like 5000 friends and that they can’t memorize the faces of them all. Some also said the pictures that facebook asked to be indentified are not faces but places or things which of course makes it impossible for a user to identify. So to cut the long story short, I have not found any solution online. I’m not sure though, maybe it’s not just my google day. You know there are days which you are lucky to find quickly the solution using google and there are days that no matter what you do it’s not just there.

I don’t want to disappoint her. I need to think of a way to beat facebook’s system. While at the same time the pessimistic side of me kept saying that facebooks system is fool proof. I took it as a challenge. It was a good mind boggling problem solving session. I then formulate an approach and then because i know how to code I used it to my advantage. So if you ask me if I beat that feature of facebook, I can proudly say yes. Continue reading

malicious code on 1st line of all files


If you somehow came to this post searching for solution about that pesky malicious code which inserts some poorly encrypted php code on the first line on all(in some cases only a few) of your php files, then you somehow came to the correct page. Why only somehow? Maybe because as of posting time I still can not determine which particular script is causing the insertion of the malicious codes. I know the malicious code varies from site to site and it’s done on different ways. Whatever it is, they seem successful at it or not so, because when they add that pesky code chances are the site will halt and thus their code will fail to execute so they are not really that smart afterall.

Ok so enough of the rantings, i’ve written a quick php code to remove the pesky malicious code on theย  first line added to all of your php files. Continue reading

Ubuntu, Unity, Wine and the launcher icon problem

So let me start by saying i’m not in anyway an expert in ubuntu nor in linux or unix systems. I’m just a regular workstation user. Yes ubuntu is great as a work station as far as i am concerned. Though at times, you will need all your smarts if you really is into the minute details of the OS. For instance, there is this one bug I found out when i recently switch to ubuntu 12.10. Specifically when using Wine apps. Ok so when you install apps from wine it will be searchable in the “dash home” button, incase you don’t know which one is that, that’s the ubuntu logo on the top left of the launcher panel. Ok so if you click that, you can search there everything contained within your ubuntu installation. For instance, let’s use an app as an example, though i do not use it as filezilla is my choice, CuteFTP Pro. Ok so when you install cuteftp through wine you can search it in the dash home.

Continue reading online shopping haven for pinoys

The first time I came across was on TV. I think my wife was watching Princess and I at that particular time then on every commercial break the lazada ad caught my attention. Specifically the part where it said Cash on Delivery. I said to my wife, wow is that for real? So being in the internet 24/7 i quickly browsed their website. It did not take long for me to familiarize the websites interface, of course it helped that i am a web developer by profession, but the site has a simple yet very comprehensive layout. Kudos the guys who developed that site, you are online shopping cart masters without a doubt. So while browsing, many gadgets on sale where presented to me and seemed like tempting me like crazy. Though sorry to say, i can’t be tempted by these gadgets no more. Well honestly. i kinda talked to my wife about buying a macbook pro for apple apps development and I said to her lazada would be perfect as at that time there was somewhat of a discount though not much but still it’s a discount. My wife instantly trounced that idea, reasoning that we have a house to take care of. We still need to finance for the tiling of the floor and building of the fence and gates. So that idea was really shortlived but still i had fun browsing about the macbooks, asus laptops, and more gadgets that i think i can use but clearly the intention of buying is slim. Continue reading

RIP Steve Apple

OK. so woke up. Got a message from guia and that she woke up early and cant sleep and is trying to sleep. But received that some 1 hour later so i figured she slept already. Sent a reply and told her i love her and miss her. yeah we do that often and you have no idea. ๐Ÿ™‚

So then logged in on gmail and saw some notifications from facebook that steve jobs yes mr. apple died. The genius. Arguably the most influential computer tech innovator of our time or perhaps of all time. That news didn't kinda shocked me considering i know the state of his health and what he's gone thru having that sick pancreatic thing going on and his being a fruitarian and recent resignation from apple as CEO. So it was all like expected but really his death made me feel like buying a macbook? like a sympathy to apple and steve. I mean this guy is the father of personal computer (yes! not bill gates). I might just buy a macbook one of these days just to show my respect and perhaps get a little taste of what i foresee as the last sensible and quality apple products that there will ever be. Continue reading